I Hate Fridays

Here I am again working at McDonald's,

While the customers on counter

Go crazy and gripe about prices,

The managers yell at everyone,

And the crew desperately tries

To get their food out.

The food here is pretty good,

But when you work at McDonald's it is different –

Us crew are tired of eating the food,

Although the customers like it,

And though the managers choke it down,

It is still really crazy here.

Fridays and weekends are the craziest –

Food is everywhere on the floors

As the manager rushes to fill orders

In out "supposed to be fast" McDonald's drive-thru

While some customer bitches about their food

And the crew is working fast to keep up.

One of the crew messes up an order,

So I am going crazy trying to correct it

Because this customer is really pissy

Because their food is all wrong, and we won't give them what they want –

They always say, "Well, Dexter McDonald's does it!"

I finally decide to call the managers through a forced smile.

Now my manager tells me I have to go to the hole –

Why can't one of the other crew members go down there?

So I wind up in the first window of McDonald's drive-thru

Going crazy because I hate this position so much I want to scream,

But I, the Crew Trainer, must suck it up and take food orders

And listen to the customers' same questions over and over again.

Oh great. Now a customer is complaining about the price of her food,

The manager is yelling at me because the drive-thru needs to keep moving

So the presenter can get the food out of the next window.

The rest of the crew is about to pass out,

Or go crazy, one of the two,

And I question why I chose to work for McDonald's.

Finally! It is about 2 o'clock or so, and the crew and I can breathe!

About this time of day, it isn't as wild and crazy

Here at my job at Mc Donald's.