I'm sick
And you are sickened still
There's nothing here
For us until
We can find some time to breathe
But what to do,
What to do with respite?

This voracious fatigue
Flows, like a stream
In fits and starts
And I never quite had the heart
To realise
What I most despise
Is the moments I'm alive
When I don't feel like this
Because that's not me
It's someone very
Different indeed

I'm gone
And you are following
There's everything
And nothing
Once we get into the open
We can find,
We can find
The dilemmas of respite

This candle burns
Hot and cold take it in turns
To torment this fevered brow
And you see, I don't even know how
It could have got this bad
Everybody says it's so sad
But I disbelieve
All the rhetoric
Of sympathy
And I'm on my knees
But I'll be on my feet
Whether shaking or pepped
Either way I know
That when nobody else goes forward
I will still push on.