I lift her face slightly

Her eyes fix on mine,

The tears well and shine,

I shall take my fill.

They call me the devil,

Nosferatu. Verdilak. Vampire. Lamia.

So many names for me,

I am not.

I can't be.

I want to be good! I would die for that!

But please, I need one last time.

Only One.

To feel the burn of last blood

From the person I love.

She understands.

She knows who I am.

She knows more than me.

I lean in to kiss her for the last time,

Her soft, mortal lips on mine,

Our tears mingle

Mine blood, hers salt.

She sobs.

I smile

And tilt her head slightly.

Bearing my fangs,

I move in

For the kill.

I sadden, as I feel her pulse,

As she sinks slowly to the floor

Soon to be no more.

Asher heart slows,

The deadly pulse luring me

I pull away, becoming dizzy.

"I can't let you claim me."

I watch her now motionless body

Eyes half open

Staring through me

Killing me.

I can't take it.

Closing inhuman eyes tight

Slashing the killers wrist

The pain feeling slight.

Guiding the bloodied limb,

Over her perfect bluing lips

Squeeze slightly

Tears the same texture, colour, taste.

"Drink" The demon whispers