Under the spell of night

Softly, trickles in shimmering light

How sweetly a gentle flow

Faint amidst the warm glow


In a whispering voice you sing

A song profound with meaning

I can hear every word

Capturing my heart in its hold

Gently, quietly you continue to flow

On and on forever more

Carrying hope along the current

Like the wish I long ago sent

Spinning to a far away place

Gone now, without a single trace


Silently in a dream

All but for the gentle flow

Fading amidst the warm glow

A whispering melody


Once more my mind is in turmoil

Wandering from the path and trail

Alone, lost amidst it all

But for your sweet voice and call

Leading on into tranquility

The streams gentle melody

That song so profound with meaning

Taking to the very beginning

Where the stars twinkled in the light

Under the spell of night


July 21, 2005