Hi, my name is Jessica, and I don't belong.

I live a life

That I don't deserve

Where I don't belong

A life, I never wanted.


I'm just a girl

With a fa├žade

A knife

And a smile.


My life, or better yet this life

Is undeserving of me

I'm just a nice person

With an undying thirst for pain.


Fancy letters, embrace my heart

Squeezing me of a world I used to love

A world, where I was never wanted

I world where I was myself.


Living just to live

Is worse then never living at all

I wish death to those who want it

I look at death as my only way out.


I laugh, so I'm not laughed at

I cry so I can feel human

I scream wanting to be heard

I bleed to know my hurt is real.


You're an anchor

I can't decide if you're holding me down

Or keeping me up

For now I'll stay put.


I live for those still left

For those who I love unconditionally

I try to be who they want

I'll never live for myself.


If only for a moment

I can taste our future

Our hopes of a life together

A life where I have reason.


Can you trust a world

Where I'm not allowed to breathe

Without dying first

Where breathing gets you nowhere.


Hi, I'm Jessica

I laugh, I bleed, I cry

I'm human, and I live

But I do not belong.

AN: sorry about the dividers but it wouldn't let me just do a couple of line breaks...