School Of Hard Knocks

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began on the very first August day

In which my life has gone the boring way

And even though I was about to go back

To school,I had also started to lack

The need to keep on learning day after day.

And so,after I had given it a great deal

Of thought,I''ve decided that I should steal

Myself away from the path of academic

Learning and go learn for myself a new trick

Or two within the world that is real.

Now,I know that my mom and dad would never

Understand,but I believe that more than ever,

I''m finaly ready to see what the entire

Word has to offer me and I shall never tire

From learning all that I would possibly ever

Learn from the school of hard knocks.

Well,you might as well close and lock

My locker for good,because I''m about

To start a new life and ready to shout,