Chapter 6

"Hi Adrian!" a soft voice said from behind him. He turned around and saw Caden giving him a small smile.

"Hey," he mumbled and turned back to his locker. It was the end of the day, and Adrian was happy about it, but exhausted. He never realized how hard it was to have so many people hate you. It was annoying. He hated it.

"Um… do you still want to go to the diner with me and everyone else?" he asked hopefully. Adrian didn't even dare look at him because he would give into him. He could imagine that the boy had the same look on his face as he did at lunch. The look that for some reason made him feel really bad about leaving Caden; but he tried to ignore the feeling. It was weird. He shouldn't be feeling that towards another boy; especially the one that he beat up at least once a week in his real life.

"Look, I'm really tired-"

"Okay, I'm not forcing you to go. I was just wondering," the boy said dejectedly. "And hoping that you could come since this is one of the only days we're all not busy. I mean, with drama practice for you and all of us have jobs and other after school things, this is an important day for us to talk." Caden leaned against the lockers and gave his boyfriend a look. He looked down when the other boy didn't answer, just continued going through his locker. Finally he just sighed. "Don can drive you home when we head for the diner," he mumbled.

The ride 'home' was very quiet. Adrian had his 'boyfriend' on his lap again, and Don kept shooting him ugly looks. When they arrived at the apartment he let out a silent, relieved sigh. "Bye," he mumbled. He patted Caden's head when he gave him an expectant look. What? He wasn't going to kiss him! Then he hurried upstairs to his apartment room, happy that he remembered where it was.

No one was home when he arrived so he went to the room that he supposed was his and looked himself in. He collapsed on the bed and just lay there a few minutes before kicking his shoes of so it would be more comfortable when he curled up under the blankets. This was stupid! He wanted to get out of this alternate world, and sleep in his own bed and kiss his girlfriend and go back to being Caden up because it was so much easier than having to put up with the teen's looks. Adrian drifted off to sleep after awhile, hoping that he would wake up in his own bed.

Of course, it didn't go completely as he hoped. He did wake up in his own bed… it was just his own bed in the apartment of his alternate life that he hated with a passion at the moment. To make matters worse, the reason he woke up was because some one was banging on the bedroom door and shouting "Adrian!! Adrian it's supper time!!!!" at the top of their lungs. "Adrian, come on!" the boy on the other side yelled with a final bang on the door. Then all was quiet.

Yes. The teen thought happily. After awhile he got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. There was the guy from earlier… the one that was supposedly his brother. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Andrew. But that was it. "Hi," Andrew muttered, and placed two bowls of Spaghetti-O's on the table. "What were you doing in there?" he asked after sitting down to start eating his dinner.

"….Sleeping," he muttered and sat down as well. Hey, just because he didn't want to be here didn't mean he was going to starve himself. His 'brother' rolled his eyes and quickly finished his dinner.

"The twins are staying at their friend Toby's house tonight because there's a field trip or something tomorrow and his mom is going to bring them. Mom and Dad are still at work and… if I don't hurry up I'm gonna be late for work," he said hurriedly, dumping his bowl in the sink before grabbing a wallet and a jacket. "Don't stay up too late, kid." He smirked and ruffled Adrian's hair before hurrying out of the apartment.

Adrian watched him leave. He finished his Spaghetti-O's and dumped the plate in with the other one. After, he decided it was late enough to look outside for a shooting star. So he went into his room and watched out the window… and watched… and watched…. Until he fell asleep; without even seeing a single shooting star.