This time, I know exactly what to say

You're drowning me in words

You shouldn't say

And I shouldn't listen

Betraying myself, I search my mind

For a way to make you stay

Breaking through my shock

A b r e a t h escapes me

Your perfume is light and dizzying

Too much of something

Normally subtle

Like the rest of you

I doubt you'd believe these thoughts scare me

I doubt you'd believe I like your eyes

And their dark lashes

That I even look that high

And they'd tell me if they knew

By dreaming this way

Secretly wishing

I'm no better than those who broke you

On your command

I know they'll remind me of everything

That made me glad to see you leave

I know they'd tell me

You're not worth these feelings

But neither was I

And, even for the wrong reasons

You managed to ignore that