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I fall onto my bed; it feels like I'm almost dead. Almost. I can hear them talking down stairs, chatting away about things no one cares for, cares about, things like me.

I hear them finish dinner-

I hear them telling Damian it's time for bed-

I hear Damian crying-

I hear my fathers' threats-

I hear my brother stomp up the stairs-

I hear my parents make their way up stairs-

I hear them moan as they fuck-

I hear time ticking-

I hear the world falling-

I hear the moon calling.

I climb off my bed to the window, open it without making a sound, like a spider on the wall, or the light of the sun. Hatred for my father also sits here, in such a simple place as a window sill.

The first time, the very first time I jumped from here, after five whips from his belt I jumped from my window to the ground, and broke my ankle. I screamed, both my mother and father ran into the night to find me, broken and screaming on the dirt.

My father carried me into the house, held me like I was nothing into my room, and laid me on my bed. I all the while was crying in pain. My mother wrapped my leg in ice, told me how stupid I was. My father just stared at me, looking at his idiot son, that's all I was to him.

Then the ankle healed, and I, like the idiot my father thought I was, jumped from the window again, and once again my ankle broke, the other one. I didn't scream even half as loud as I did the first time. This time there was no worrying from my mother as my father carried me into my room again. He dropped me onto my bed, hard, I feel tears of pain fall down my face, my father doesn't seem to notice.

Then, without a word he walks to the window, opens it, looks at me, straight into my eyes, and with that, slides out of my window.

I hear the thud, wait…wait. No scream, no cry.

I hear the front door open,

I hear footsteps on the stairs, and there he is, in my doorway, not a tear in his eye, or a limp in his step, and all he does is stand there looking at me, but I can hear him, he's mocking me, as if to say, "Your nothing but a weak little boy, I'm ashamed to have a cry baby as my son.

You are nothing,

You are nothing,

You are nothing!"

Then, the ankle healed (again), and there I stood at the window sill, but this time its different, this time I have something to prove.

I take in a deep breath, and I jump. I feel the tremors of pain travel through my feet and ankles to my knees; it flows through my entire body, white-hot pain. I bite my lip to hold in the howl, shut my eyes tight, and wait.

I wait, and slowly, wrenchingly slowly, the pain subsides. I delicately pull myself up from the ground; I hadn't realized I had fallen to my knees. The pain is dull and with my shaking legs I take a step. No pain, well, relatively, but nothing was broken, I had done it, I had done it.

I look into the kitchen window and there he is, sitting there, my father. I wanted him to look at me, to see me standing there, knowing what I had done. I wanted to run into the kitchen and scream it.

"Look! Do you see? I jumped, I did it. Do you see? You think you're so much better than me but not for long, do you hear me? I will be better than you one day, I will be better than all of you. I am something!"

But he never looked, never saw, never. Just like always.

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