I never thought I'd have this problem
I just feel so alone right now
I want him to always be there
The distance tonight seems so far
I need to be held in his arms
Being told that I have a reason to live
That there's more out there for me
Yeah, there's more for me

I don't want to go away
I don't want to leave you now
I'm too much in love
I need you too much
I can't be away from you two minutes
How am I supposed to survive
Without you touch,
Without your kisses
It'll drive me nuts,
Not being in your arms
It'll drive me nuts,
Not feeling your warmth

There's too much that can happen
There's too much that can go wrong
You swore you won't leave me
Prove that true over the next year
Prove how faithful you can be
Prove that you'd never lie to me