How is it you managed to get me up here?

Cause believe me

I really want to know

How in the hell did you somehow manage

To get me to fall in love with you?

I mean look at you

You're insane!

Your hair is purple

Your nails are black

And you're a guy with a belly button ring

I mean I though you were gay at first

But nooooo

You had to be charming

And kind

And sweet

And romantic

And actually LISTEN to what I have to say

You had to have deep blue eyes

And sexy abs

And smooth skin

And puffy lips

Goddamn you for being perfect

I love you

I love it when your voice cracks

I love how you scratch your nose when you're nervous

I love your "When I take over the world you can live in my castle" plans

I love your smell

Your taste

Your voice

Goddamn you

My twisted, skinny, smooth, melodramatic, not so gay, black clad little lover boy