"Light the candle,

Slowly drop to my knees

I can only think of you

And how your hand fits mine so


Even when we tremble.

So blessed, but baby it's so close


Don't say a word

We both know what you're thinking

It's obvious, I'm sure

Written all over my face as I sit upon the floor

Trying to ignore

The dull ache in my chest.

And watching you tonight


With that secret smile in your precious eyes

Just for me

My heart just stopped.

Each time, a part of me dies

And another gains life;

Could you tell me why?

I feel so helpless before this makeshift


Of scattered words and fiery touches


Because it consumes me entirely.

How do I learn to say goodbye?

To bite back everything I live and breathe for

To make sure you're happy?

I'm tired of pretending that


Can get by

When that day becomes reality

And I turn around and you're


So how do I learn to say goodbye?"

12:45pm 6/19/2005