Quotes with my Cousin - Chapter 1

By: lilallaboutme

These are some random quotes and random crud that me and my cousin do together. (Yes, we are weird and you may not get some of it but if you were there it probably would've been like 50x funnier!) I'll try to explain most of it to you, but please don't review and say you guys are screwed up or something like that. Well here goes...

1. Me: eating chewy bread Chewwwwwwy! Cousin: Is that bread chewy or do you like star wars?

2. Cousin: Do dolls eat popcorn? (After seeing a doll on tv eating popcorn)

3. Me: How long until you shut up? (Those are my wonderful alternate lyrics to Coldplay's song)

4. Me: does a weird tongue thing moment of silence starts laughing hysterically Cousin: What? Me: That was gay!

5. Cousin: Would you eat a piece of blue pizza? (That was totally random while we were eating pizza)

6. (This one was while we were in the quietest book store ever) Me: burps really loud Both: start laughing really loud Me: It echoed!

7. (Still in a book store) Cousin after seeing a book by C.S. Lewis: Is C.S. Lewis dead yet?

8. Cousin: My butt smeared chocolate on the futon!

9. Me: How do you spell futon? Cousin: F U 2 (This was hilarious because she was seriuosly trying and didn't mean to say it!)

10: Cousin: How do you open this? Me: I don't know! I can't see it! Cousin: shrieks Me: What? Cousin: It opened! (While my cousin was trying to open the dvd player)

11. (This one was in an internet convo) Cousin: Look at my abdominal snowman! Me: It's spelled abominable!

12. Cousin drawing a picture: I feel like I'm drawing grass on his head.

13. Cousin with wet hair and a blanket around her: Why do I feel like I'm getting a hair cut?

14. Me: You fart a lot Cousin: So do you! I fart a lot when I'm around you though!

15. Cousin: I can make a bonnet with my hair. Look it ties under my chin!

16. Cousin: Is that Usher? Me: Duh! That's Nick Cannon!

17. Me: Put yourself on pause! Cousin: freezes where she is

18. Cousin: acting like a mime for no reason and calling it dancing

19. Cousin: throws gum at wall Me: Don't! Cousin: Why? It's not like your gonna lick the walls or the floor!

20. Cousin: Gravity, thy name is......gravity.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our weird quotes and stuff! Please review! I will be putting up Chapter 2 up in a few days! Also, my cousin writes on fictionpress and fanfiction and she would like you to visit some of her other stuff. Her pen name is bunnyfluff. Thanks!