Quotes with my Cousin: Chpater 4 - Walla Walla Bing Bang By: lilallaboutme with help from my cousin Bunnyfluff!

(the title is a quote in itself)

1. Me: A large instrument for telling time Cousin: Tuba!

2. Me: Come on, you're the memory here!
Cousin singing: Memories, All Alone in the moonlight!

3. Cousin: My hand is itching with booger!

4. Me: I wish I had a better memory to remember these quotes

5. Cousin: You sounded like a fart

6. Cousin: Ow! My leg isn't working!

7. Me: How do you spell conceited?
Cousin: C-E-O! Oh wait, that's CEO! (and the saddest part is that she really tried)

8. Me: Where ar- Oh! There you are! (I was looking for me and she was right in front of me and hadn't moved in forever!)

9. Me: I'm choking on my laughter!

10. Me: Eggbert! (out of nowhere)

11. Cousin: You might be waiting until tanks giving. TANKSGIVING!

12. Me: My b-day list is sad. (don't ask why it's funny; it just is)

13. Cousin: My friends call me little spider...I mean little puppet

14. Me: My name is little puppet, but my friends call me little spider

15. Cousin: Do you know who you look like when you do that?
Me: Spongebob?
Cousin: No, you look like Quinn from Zoey 101

16. Me: I was pretending to play my guitar, and I fell and hit my elbow on the fan

17. Me: Where's alien 3?
Cousin: I don't know! IT'S ON THE LOOSE!

18. Me: Is that an eraser in the cookies? (there really was!)

19. Me: Are the Payton for the cookies? (woops, little mized up)

20. Cousin: Do you like peppery pigs?

21. Me: I have nothing to do.....or eat

22. Cousin: That is pathertic

23. Me: I'm listening to the Festival Song Cousin: What festival?
Me: I don't really know, it doesn't have anything to do with the song Cousin: Oh wait! I thought you said you were going to a festival soon! (and this was over the computer so it makes it look even more stupid!)

24. Cousin: You know what would be funny?
Me: What?
Cousin: If Thumballina was fat! Short and fat!

25. Me: How anout yes? I mean about!

26. Me: I need an alarm system in my house!
Cousin: Why?
Me: So I know when people are creeping about (if you don't already know this is a song by Good Charlotte called I Just Wanna Live)

27. Me: It crawled back with 3 broken legs and a broken eye

28. Me: Doober the Goober

29. Cousin: Cheez-its are my passion!

Alrighty now! There is chapter 4 for ya! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I'll be postin em more now! I also have a few more than I usually put on a chapter!