What is it now?
can't find another muse?
and must resort to your usual anger?
He's out of your life, there's nothing there
and me,
well I tried to pull away
how many times
before you understand-
I hate you
and I hate myself for once thinking otherwise
You want me to say it?
We were lovers-
passion fueled only
by loneliness and desperation
We were lovers-
a yes granted by lack of conviction
but first-
we were friends,
and you betrayed that
in the deepest way possible,
opening my wounds
again and again
and I
would only give you pleasure in retaliation
you enjoyed it
I did not
It's not all your fault
but I really wish it was
cause then I could truly
hate you freely
so go away
and find another person to destroy
because no matter how destructive I feel this evening
you will enjoy my efforts
and no matter how strong I feel
you will manage to break me again
I'm tired of feeling broken
I'm tired of feeling alone
and I'm tired of feeling guilty for emotion you placed inside me
I'm being naive
but that's better than being you