Once more.

Within me there is a line,

That seperates who I am.

I tried to breathe,

I tried to cope.

But in the end, I know what will never walk out on me.

Life is pain,

That's what I'm told.

They lied, life is not pain.

Life is what you make it.

When I told you I was ok, I lied.

Because this feeble excuse,

That this will pass,

Will not hold me from insanity any longer.

Do you really believe I'll get through this on my own?

I'm falling through the safety net you promise you'd provide.

What's below is what I am.

Once more,

And I become the hurt,

I become the pain.

That was the last time,

you could smile at me knowing I was okay.

Because that last time,

that last cut,

Was all it took

to end this.

My angels are upset,

Because I told them I crave pain.

Their once smiling faces, now frown.

I did that.

Once more is all it took,

for me to be real,

for me to be who I truely am.

Don't look, I'm dead to the world.

Don't help, there is nothing you can do.

Once more, just a little.

Just a little bit more.

How many times will I cut

before I am consumed.