The Gothic ES-335


He sat at a high table, enjoying the club. It was a little more rocker then he usually liked, but a friend had recommended it. The band currently playing was pretty good. The lead singer looked some how familiar to him, but her had no idea how or why. She had black hair swept away from her face and held back by a black clip. Her black guitar was screaming to match her voice. He couldn't understand what she was singing; the individual words seemed lost in the humid air. The chick on the drums had wild colored stripes in her hair that bobbed as she kept the rhythm. The guy on bass looked metal. Suddenly the music stopped, and there was only the sound was silence. Into the silence she crooned,

"I'm the only one who can cry my tears, bleed my blood, hear my fears. I'm the only one cause you're gone, and it's all my fault." She played a soft little rift then let it fade away. The room burst into thunderous applause. She smiled.

"Thank you! You guys are a great audience." She bowed. "Now for one last announcement, as some of you already know, today marks Shawn's third year of sobriety. Shawn, come on up!" A young man of about twenty mounted the stage. "This song is for you.

"Push back at the world around me. 
 I've been the slave they made you see. 
I've been the one they wanted me to be. 
 Don't push me down, 
 I've been the one that they held back on the ground. 
Confused in a life that is so profound, 
 I've been the one they wanted me to be, 
 don't push me down." She began to sing 'Strength to Overcome' by Face of Anger. When they finished the song, she bowed again, and then embraced Shawn.

"On behalf of my band, thank you, good-night, and don't drive sloshed! Peace out." She walked off stage, and the worn curtains came down. A few minutes later the owner of the club walked on stage and took the mic.

"Well folks, it's closing time. Go home! Nobody loves you!" He grinned and then walked off stage. The young man glanced at his watch, it was past one in the morning and he had school the next day. He exited the building, got in his car and drove home to his spacious house.

The black-haired young woman climbed a set of stairs. She opened the door to the apartment above the club and settled on the couch. She had known the owner since she was born, and this club had always been her second home. She opened a book and started her homework. It didn't matter that she wouldn't go to bed for hours to come, she hardly slept anyways.

A/N: What do you think? If you're wondering, the title is also the type of guitar she plays… yeah. Also after this chapter it will be first person and will alternate between the two main charactors (him and her). I will do my best to make it clear who's POV it is. R&R please and thank you!