Such vacant horrors of chance
And I want nothing more
These spirits, always they dance
And I surrender: what for?
Reflections torture my eyes
And I cannot quite see
Everything in disguise
I feel the sadness in me

The men of war are alive
And they march on again
All passion can be revived
As long as it is sustained
The power of pain is so strong
And the hate remains still
I don't know why I'm so wrong
But I know I feel quite ill

This place is dark, and I'm shown
Things that I cannot take
I feel so young but I've grown
There's all this horror at stake
And all the visions are mine
I shall confess to no more
I think that I am inclined
To submit to these laws

I will submit to these laws
And I'll see it again
And you know I'll collapse
But it won't be in vain