By kenishiro

Date written: 25/07/05

(Man, it's been a while since my last submission, thoughduring that time, I did not completely stop writing, in fact I've written constantly. The only differene between my last submission of poem up till now, I think that I have totally broaden my view on life, on how to accepct it, how to resolve it, how tocope and try tounderstand it. Yeah, I'm hoping that you guys can see the difference... so read and review, guys, thanx, smell yer later..)



How to console

Such an unsettle soul

Waiting for the time to roll


With nothing to do

And not a single clue

How to get rid of this blue


For time to give a meaning

And not end up with nothing

Well, at least for the time being


Feels like my head's about to crack

Waiting for such a lag

Yet nothing gives back


I hope this boredom would cease

And put my mind at ease

Make my life a peace

"Dum da dum!"

My savior finally comes

I know, because she hums

Make my heart beats like a drum


I'll begin my date cheerfully

My boredom ends finally

As we walk happily

Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism appreciated as well.