Last night, I lay in bed thinking of you and all the things you've done…

like the way that when I first met you, you paid me so much attention,

and the way that you would change my colored pencils just because I didn't like the colors,

and then go up again, to sharpen them because they had no point,

and the way that when our knees were touching, you wouldn't move away,

and the way that you would take out the clip in my hair, just so I would have to redo it again,

and the way that you would always turn around in class, since I was sitting right behind you,

and how you would lay your head down on my desk pretending to go to sleep,

and the way you would share my chair in the library,

and how you would always try to scare me from behind,

and how I had a dream just two nights before, that you said, "I've thought a lot about you too,"

and how you can get upset and try hard not to cry,

and the way that when your hair isn't gelled, it's poofy and straight,

and how you kept trying to take pictures of me,

and that you eventually did, but of coarse it was a bad one,

and that you're a complete goofball,

and how I realize that I miss you, but then I think…

of how you're not afraid to ask girls out, but you never asked me,

and how on valentines day, you said right behind me, "who should I give this to, Lauren or Cassy?" (and none of which were me.)

and how you act like I'm not even there when you're with your friends,

and how I'm so afraid of letting you know how I feel…

but then I remember how you would always share one earphone of your i-pod with me,

and how you get so excited over Star Wars and anime,

and how you even read GQ,

and the way that you have your hair in a "faux"-hawk, thinking you look cool,

and the way that you're always stealing my notebook just to scribble something in it,

and how you always make me laugh…

maybe I'm crazy for starting to fall in love with you, but there's nothing more that I can do…because you're so perfect even with all of your imperfections.