There was no denying it; the thing was hideous. The girl stared in shock, eyes wide, as the creature crept forward. Covered in the slime and mud of countless ages, with many eyes, there was no doubt that this creature was one of the most gruesome ever created. The girl stepped backward and her arm brushed the solid rock of the cave wall. She was trapped!

Quickly, she searched her mind for a possible escape. The creature sniffed the air and its gaze met her eyes. The girl cursed her bad luck. If only she hadn't taken the shortcut. When she had rolled down the hill, she had gotten covered with dirt and leaves and who knows what else. By now, the creature was no less than five feet away.

The creature raised its arm, ready to strike with the strength of a boulder falling upon her. It swung and clipped her shoulder, the razor sharp claw cut through like a hot knife through butter. Blood splattered the wall and she fell into a puddle of mud. She got on her feet and staggered to the side just in time to be missed by another blow from the monster. She crept by the monster, and started to run, but the monster immediately attacked her again. It pounced on top of the girl, tearing her to pieces. The wall looked like it had been painted red, and the girl resembled a cow hit by a train in 100 degree Fahrenheit weather.

The creature stood up, licking its lips, and ran into the forest. The beast crouched low and spied a young boy walking towards the city. Leaves crunched underneath the monster's feet, and the boy whipped around, but it was too late.

Then, out of the dark, rainy night, an out of control Greyhound bus came flying at the monster. Hearing the noise, the monster turned, blood dripping from its lips. Just as its brain registered that a bus was going to hit it and it had to move, the grill of the bus made contact with the monster's flesh with a sickening splatter.

The monster split up into thousands of livid, green, acid covered slugs. They oozed over the bus, the acid eating through the metal, seeking the warm flesh inside. A person aboard the bus screamed in pain as a slug burrowed through her skin and entered the blood stream. In seconds it was at her heart. The slug began to swell until the girl's heart ruptured and her chest exploded in a shower of shattered bone and gore. The other slugs bored into the brains of people and took over their neural functions. The mind controlled people began to eat the exploded passengers' remains. Like an evil tidal wave the slugs moved to New York where there were fresh brains to control and more flesh to be devoured.

Then a miracle happened. The earth began to shake. It was a rampant mob of tree-hugging, bandanna wearing, peace signing, beach combing hippies. They came at an astonishing speed of 0.125 miles per hour because they had brain damage.

The slugs tried to control the brains of the hippies, only to find that there was nothing there. The slugs slithered out of the hippies and into the Greyhound bus, where they began to drive. The bus swerved back and forth, out of control, down the road. The air was full of the sounds of honking cars as the bus flew off the road. The bus rolled down a hill, and came to a stop in front of the police station, where SWAT teams from all over the nation waited for the slugs. The slugs realized they could not escape, and dissolved into masses of green slime.

The people stared, than one small boy shrieked with glee, "Lime jello for everyone!"

The crowd then laughed, relieved, and dug into the jello, celebrating, for they thought the slugs had taken no lives.

They would celebrate until, two days later, someone found the bodies of the Greyhound passengers and the boy and girl the monster had ripped up. Multitudes of green slugs were slithering over their bodies…