Thor opened his eyes to a bright, cheerful morning, and reached for his hammer, Mjolner, which he always kept near whilst he was asleep. To his shock, his hand, instead of feeling the familiar smooth wood of his beloved hammer, grasped empty air. 'Only one can be behind this,' he thought, and abruptly bellowed, "LOKI!"

A minute and some soft pattering of feet later, Loki appeared. He stared at the red-faced God, and stated, "My, my, Thor, what a mess we are today." His hand reached up to smooth down his own carefully arranged, sandy blonde hair, before dropping to his side. Thor growled at him, unconciously patting down his frizzled beard. He hated how perfect Loki looked, the same everyday: Soft, leather outfit, ivory skin, thick, black boots. Despicable.

"Nevermind that," he stated, eyes narrowed. "It seems a thief arrived in the night, and stole away Mjolner." He glared at Loki, positive of his guilt. Loki, however, simply looked bewildered.

"Why, Thor, do you think I, of all people, stole your hammer?" He murmered,face clouded.

"Who else am I susposed to suspect?" Thor grunted, still furious. "You were the one who pirated away my wife's luscious, aurulent hair during the night."

"Yes, but was I not also the one who brought back hair more beautiful then before for her?" Loki countered smoothly, triumphance in his voice.

"Only after I threatened to kill you." Spat back the Thunderer.

"But that is beside the point," Loki said hurriedly, not wishing to be reminded. "The truth is, I know not who took your hammer. But-"

"How do you expect me to trust you, Loki?" Thor interrupted, a note of sadness in his voice that was barely detectable.

"If you would kindly let me finish, you would learn that." The Trickster said with a note of irritation. "To prove my innocence to you, I shall go to the Frost Giant's Land, a place of deadly danger."

Thor nodded gravely. "So be it." he intoned, "I shall know of your innocence when you come back- alive."