Chapter 4: The Anger of Freyja

"What?! You want me to become the bride of a giant?"

A plate went spinning through the air, and Loki ducked, narrowly avoiding it. He threw a nervous glance at Thor, wanting him to talk, but Thor looked in no state to do anything. His normally ruddy face was flushed, and he was sweating profusely.

Loki sighed, and took a step forward. " Freyja, listen to reason. Thrym, the Giant Lord, has agreed to return Mjölnir to us, but only on one condition- and that condition is your hand in marriage. He wants you, and you only." He paused, holding out his poen hands. "It's your decision, Freyja. Become Thrym's bride, and save us from desctruction. Refuse, and you lead us all to our deaths."

"Spare me your honeyed tongue, Loki. I will hear no more." Freyja turned away from them, holding her head high in insolence.

"Freyja, you will go, like it or not!" Thor burst out. Electricity crackled from his beard, and he stamped his foot in frustration.

Freyja whirled around. "You will not tell me what I must do, Thor Thunderer!"

The glittering Brising necklace around her throat shuddered. Freyja seemed to grow larger in her fury, and her eyes snapped fire. "Leave my hall this instant!"

The Brising necklace rippled as she shrieked this command, and finally burst apart with a bright flash.

"Woman-" Thor began, but Loki placed a hand on his arm, turning his friend away.

"Thor, let us leave." Lokie said, then turned to Freyja. "We shall call together a council of the Aesir. I expect to see you there."