Artificial Heaven

Press and underneath;
it's coming.
Push your nose to the dirt
and try not to cry,
it's not going to get any better.

Throbbing and pulsate;
bathed in filth.
Push yourself to the very edge
and try not to fall.
Such a pretty little whore you areā€¦

Look up at them
(want me)
with your lustful
(touch me)
stare coal black.
(fuck me)
Hands on skin, begging
(I've got nothing else)

Give me a dime,
I'll give you my body.
I'll buy myself another taste
of artificial heaven.

Press yourself to the wall for
cold, hard thrusts.
Pray that morning comes soon,
and try not to bleed.
Sell yourself to another half-consensual rape.

Another day, another fuck,
another scream caught in my throat.
No one hears.
(want me)
No one cares.
(so bad)
All I've got to go to is my
artificial heaven.

And it's not going to get any better.

(Notes: this was written in about half an hour in an attempt to butcher writer's block. Originally a fan poem for the first chapter of Torture Fair by Queen Angelblood (a Naruto fic on fanfiction(dot)net).)