The Elixar By:Andrew Troy KelIer

At a first glance,it had appeared to everyone around a shy adult male named David Weigel that he has been unable to experience true sexual pleasure with any woman and it was beginning to drive him totally nuts.

In fact,he was about to give up on the idea all together,but that before the Second day of August,which was when he suddenly had the misfortune of bumping into a slick con artist known only as Sly at an RTA bus stop while he was waiting for a bus.

At first,he had told Sly that he was not interested in whatever that piece of street trash has to sell him,but that was before Sly had reached into his coat pocket,showed a small bottle of red liquid to David and told him if he were to take one gulp of such an elixar,he would be able to enjoy the purest ecstasy with any woman he come into eye contact with.

And then,after he had thought about it and realized that he has nothing else to lose,David has swallowed his pride and bought the elixar from Sly.

But then,after he had gulped the whole thing down and started walking towards a hot looking babe,he had suddenly discovered she has her friends with her.

And after the elixar has started kicking in and all of the babes had started grabbing and clawing at poor David,Sly had started laughing his slick head off.