Darkness in your heart

Time eating away at your emotions

Divided by feelings you can't yet explain

Afraid to let your feelings shine

Submissive to the wounds in your heart

Bleeding out of fear to love again

Closing your eyes to the hurtful world outside

Pain, the master of your fearing existence

Why do you lie?

Do you disregard your feelings and choose instead to die?

I watch your unloved form disintegrate

Crushing the possibility of anything great

Brutality rules you heart and monotony dictates your actions

So it seems your very soul is divided into factions

All vying for the same part

Dominance in a long forgotten, void-filled heart

Somewhere the moon loses grip

And tides begin to shift and sway

No longer should you be content to be the slave

Take control over your tattered, battle-torn heart

What is your wish, what is your will?

Reside in the abyss of the heart, or feel

That undeniable essence, enveloping passion

Which people adamantly believe goes in and out of fashion?

It's okay, take your time dear man

Do not admit or commit to what you don't know, but do not hide

Your true feelings-I see your anima-my eyes are wide open

Love is not a feeling to fear

For love does not make you weak, it makes you human

The boundaries of time and love are indefinite

You're free to do with them what you desire

In a time and place that now seems far away

I, like you, was afraid of that word 'Love'

I was lost, dazed and confused, consumed by the fog

And I almost gave up

But then, out of seemingly thin air

A beacon shown through that fog

And on the path to the light, I began to shed my fears

For at the end of the fog, holding that light, I found you

And, same as you, I've endured pain

My heart and soul on the chopping block, for people feign

Indifference. I made a promise never to care again—a vow

Which was tested, and still is now

But I dishonor that ill-fated oath

Because loneliness may be poetic, but love doth

Make the human existence worth living

So it is, my heart keeps giving