Kiss Me Goodnight

sorry people! i deleted it cause the 2nd chapter screwed up. but i'm gonna post it once i get this one done! Sorry!

Chapter 1


Good night to the lovers I once had

Good night to the friends I hold close

Good night to the enemies that keeps me moving

Good night to the musicians keeping music alive

Good night to the kids that aren't as lucky as me

Good night to everyone and anyone that I've met on my way to hell…

Poetic. No more like loserish. Yeah that's me. A poetic loser with nothing more to do then write about things I've never done. Well most things at least. What else am I left to do? Just sit around and let everyone else influence the youth that will one day be running our government with thongs and low riders jeans? Hell no. I'm not the kind of person first off, and those poor kids!!(All I'm thinking about is their mind is turning to rot by the age of 12.) I turned that poem in to…err well she's my English teacher. I have no clue what her name is.

"Emily, what's this about?"

"What?" I asked playing dumb.

"Your poem. It's very…"

"Catchy? Perfect? Inspirational?"

"Depressing." Eh, not the word I was going for but okay!

"Sorry, but you gave me a day and that's the best I could come up with."

"Well if I gave you the weekend could you come up with something…better?" she asked handing me back my poem. I nodded and sunk back into my seat. Great! Now I have to do something this weekend…just dandy.

"Uh…Mrs. Teacher lady?" I asked, getting everyone to laugh at me. Well what was I supposed to say, "Yo fat teacher in the front?" heck no I'd get suspended.

"Yes Emily?"

"Well…what do you want me to write about, in my poem?" she paused a moment and thought about it.

"I want you to write about something you've missed the most as a child. It could be anything from an old toy that they quit making, a TV show, something that's helped you grow up." Great! Just great! I wonder if she knows I was raised by wolves. Well not really…but that's what it was like living with my parents. They are so…against the outside community I had to BEG them to let me go to public school, so of course I didn't know a thing about the music playing, TV shows, actors/actresses, toys, etc. I was literally living in a hole my whole life! Well I guess I can write about something else, it doesn't have to be materialistic does it? I hope not. But that helps me some, what to write about though???

"Class Dismissed." Oh darn…wait great!! I grabbed my bag (this stupid public school doesn't have lockers like my parents said they would!!) and headed out the door. What to write about? Oh…so many possibilities…where to start? Home is where the heart is. So let's start at home (go figure). I could write about the times we'd just sit outside and look at the stars because they were so bright since we lived far from the city lights. I was brought out of thought a few times from kids yelling 'watch it!' or 'spaz! Look where you're walking!' but I just ignored all the talking and kept on thinking. So many things to write about, but what? I turned into the door to my next class and crashed into someone.

"Ofh!" I said as I hit the floor sending all my stuff everywhere. I looked at the person I hit and didn't recognize him. Well that was understandable since it was only my second day here. "Sorry." I apologized and scrabbled to get to my papers and pencils before anyone could step on them. The bell rang and that sent everyone in the hall off and they ran everywhere, stepping on my toes, tripping over me, trampling my things.

"Need help?" I heard someone offer.

"No, it's okay I got it." I declined nicely and went to get my papers. I was about to grab my last paper, the one with my poem the teacher rejected, when someone grabbed it for me. I looked up and it was the guy that knocked me down. "Thanks." I mumbled and grabbed the paper before he could read it.

"What was that?" he asked.

"A…project." I said simply and crammed it into my black messenger bag. "Thanks but I gotta get to class." I said motioning towards the classroom he just left.

"Oh, okay. See ya." He said. I nodded and walked away quickly with my head down. I could never look at guys, or people in general, in the eyes. It was weird; some would say that meant I'm self cautious. Which I know I am but I don't like to admit it. Who would?? I grabbed the last seat available and the tardy bell rang. Whew, made it! The teacher went on talking about something to do with math, my best subject, and I dozed off…

An hour and a half later

"Emily, sweetie class is over." I heard someone say. I opened my eyes and looked up and saw that math teacher, dangit I was caught. I nodded and grabbed a paper and jotted down the homework assignment.

"See ya later." I called back over my shoulder as I left the class. He nodded and went and started to write things down in his book, he always did that after class. I stuffed the assignment into my bag and went to lunch. Thank god, I needed a rest. I stole an apple off of someone's tray as I entered (they weren't there) and went outside to the quad. I took my normal seat (well normal for me) and chewed on the apple slowly. It was bitter, EW. I grabbed a tissue out of my bag and spat it out. I tossed the apple in my bag and stared out into the quad. There were two girls sitting across from each other playing a game with cards (it looked like they were trying to beat each other.), four guys playing hacky-sack, 6 guys playing football, and one guy was all alone. I looked closer and saw that it was the guy that I bumped into earlier. Hmm, I wonder why he isn't out and about other people. Well he's probably wondering that about me too. I pulled away from staring at him too long (I just saw that he had the brightest eyes in the world) and took out my sketch book. My pride and joys were in there, some of my finest (in my opinion) poems were in there too. I grabbed a pencil and started to sketch. When I sketch things I can usually tell what I was drawing, but in this case I couldn't, I had no train of thought that would tell me what I was drawing this time.

"Hey." I heard someone say. I stopped drawing, closed the book and looked up. It was the guy I bumped into earlier.

"Oh hey." I said and tucked the book away. "Can I help you?"

"Well-I was. Just wondering. Could I sit with you?"

"Oh…" I said looking at the empty spot next to me. "Sure."

"Thanks." He said and plopped himself right next to me. "soo...what's your name?"

"Emily." I said trying to ignore the fact this is the closest I've ever been to a guy other than my father, "What's yours?"

"It's Travis."

"Cool," I said, "How long have you gone to this school?"

"Since I was allowed to come here. so first grade."


"you're new huh?"

"Yeah…how could you tell?"

"Cause, for one I've never seen you before, two you're the only girl here that wears a hoodie anymore, three you're sitting by yourself."

"You were sitting by yourself."

"True, but that's because my friends are always late." Wait a minute, if their late then that means more guys are coming…

"does that mean?"

"Yeah, you'll be surrounded by guys in about…2 minutes." Oh no. this is not good. Defiantly NOT good.

"Uhh…I have to uh…"

"Oh come on. The guys aren't that bad. Trust me. you'll like them."


"TRAVIS!! BUDDY!" I heard a guy yell. Travis smiled and stood up. But seconds later was on the ground another guy had toppled him over.

"Hey Peterson," Travis said pushing him off of him. "hey guys." He said looking up. I turned around slowly and saw two other guys, two other tall guys.

"Hey Travis," said the taller of the two, "who's your friend?"

"Huh? Oh guys this is Emily, Emily these are…the guys." The guys, great. Travis got smacked in the back of the head for that.

"Hi Emily." Said the one that smacked him, "My name isn't guy, its Greg, but everyone calls me Soda, so feel free." I shook his hand and looked at the other one.

"My name's Steven. By they call me Wonder Boy, or Web. I don't know why though, but go ahead and call me whatever you want." I shook his hand too. The one that had toppled him before was called Peterson, but I don't think that's his real name.

"Oh, right!" said Peterson after the guys were staring at him, "my name's Quinn, Quinn Peterson, but call me Peterson please."

"okay…" I said as he hugged me instead of simply shaking my hand. It was weird; I'd never gotten a hug from anyone outside my family.

"Emily…that's a pretty name." said Soda. "Isn't it Web?" he nudged Web in the ribs and he nodded slowly. I raised an eyebrow at the two but looked away. I looked back at Travis but he was just smiling. I stood up and the guys did too.

"Where ya going?" asked Peterson.

"To class." I said simply, they looked at my like I was crazy.

"You WANT to go to class?" they all asked at the same time.

"No, it's just the bell is going to ring in about 20 seconds." I said "I like to get a head start." They looked at me like I had fungus growing on me.

"How do you know-"

"Shh!" I hushed Soda, and held up my fingers. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 RIINGG!!! I smiled and walked to the doors.

"Are you like psychic or something?"

"No. I just have an internal clock that works really well."

"Ohh…" they all said and I couldn't help but laugh.

"what classes do you guys have next?" I asked them as we walked into the hall.

"Uhh…gym." They all said except Web. "You?"

"I have chemistry."

"Me too." Said Web.

"Well come on, they're having this class upstairs today." I said grabbing his wrist. I didn't want to freak him out and grab his hand. The guys' waved goodbye and we walked into class as the tardy bell rang.

"Ahh. Emily, Steven. I'm glad you joined us. I have your names where I want you to be, so please find it." Crap, assigned seating. I mouthed 'bye' to Web and he gave a short wave goodbye. I found my seat in the back and he was in the front. Class went by as usual; nothing important happened except I almost blew up my partner and me.

After School

As I walked home I kept thinking about the guys, they seemed so care-free and fun, who could not love them? I kicked a rock and it went further then I thought and hit a girl in the shin. She screamed and turned around, glaring daggers at me.

"Freak." She muttered and turned around. Her friends giggled and they all walked a little faster. I shook my head and went back to the guys. How Web was so shy, but I found he was the smartest guy, Soda he was a pop addict and super hyper like Peterson, well their twins why wouldn't they be? Travis, how he was the glue that held them together. I couldn't help but smile at that, without Travis the guys would be broken and scared, they had grown up with each other and Travis was like a little brother to them. Heck even I was getting attached, but I couldn't have that. I can't have a boyfriend; it's totally against what I'm all about. Well I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's against something! As I turned into the walkway to my house I remembered how after class all the guys stalked me and forced their numbers into my palm. I looked down at my palm and saw the scribbled numbers of the four guys, each were one digit off of each other.

"Emily? Is that you?" I heard my mom yell from the kitchen, where she always is.

"Yeah mom it's me. You in the kitchen?"

"Yes, and remember to take off your shoes this time!" she yelled back. I kicked off my shoes and threw my bag into my room. I walked into the kitchen and found my mom putting something into the oven.

"Turkey?" I asked.

"Nope, a new casserole." She said taking off the mitts and setting them on the counter.

"Oh, okay." I said and sat at the table, "Mom, is dad gonna be here today?"

"No dear…" she said getting sad. I hated to see her sad, she was always such a happy person.

"Oh, Alright. Well I'm gonna be in my room for a bit. Call me when it's done."

"Sure…" she said sitting down as I got up. I shut my door lightly, sensing that my mom didn't want anything loud at the moment. I jumped on my bed and switched on the laptop that was next to it. Time for some brain-food. I put on some music (my parents bought me a laptop, but they hate stereos, so I had to copy music onto the laptop). Oh what to write about? The poem should be about something sentimental, not materialistic, a feeling rather then an object. Oh what to write about??

"Emily, someone's on the phone for you." My mom said from the door.

"Okay mom I got it." I said and picked up my receiver. I looked at the phone holder and saw that I had to ringer off. "Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Emily?"


'This is Web."

"Oh hey, what's up?" I asked.

"Well tomorrow's Saturday, and I was wondering if you wanted to come and hang out with me, I mean with the guys."

"Oh," crap, well I can delay the whole thinking process for my poem right? "Well let me ask, hold on I gotta put down the phone."

"Okay." He mumbled. I got up off my bed and walked over to my mom who was still in the kitchen.

"Mom can I go out tomorrow with some friends?"

"Sure Dear, just be back by 12."


"Sure." She said, I was pretty sure she wasn't paying attention, but I didn't want to have her change her mind.

"K, thanks mom." I said and walked back into my room.

"Hey web?"

"Still here."

"I can go."

"Great, we'll come and get you."

"But you don't know where I live…" I said suspiciously.

"Oh, don't underestimate the powers of Soda and Peterson. They have their ways of finding out things."

"Should I be scared?"

"No, you should be terrified." He said and started laughing; I couldn't help myself either, so I started to laugh too.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at…what 11?"

"In the morning?"

"Well yeah…is that okay?"

"Sure, 11 it is. See ya…uh…Em." He said and hung up abruptly. What was that all about? I sighed and hung up the phone and set it to the side. Well there was no point in trying to think about the poem, my mind was wondering. I turned off the laptop and went to the kitchen.

"Oh, Em, I was about to call you for dinner." My mom said setting my plate on the table.

"Okay, well I'm here."

"Well, let's eat!" my mom exclaimed and we started to eat her new casserole, now I'm not a fan of casserole, but I'm a fan of my mom so I'll eat it for her.