Chapter 5

Emily Part II

Sing the tears away.

It wont kill you.

I sit here thinking

You'll be the only one

That will ever see me cry

But I know that's not true

'Cause your leaving me

No attachment nessasery

That's how you feel

But you know

I won't take it easy

You're the one

That's seen me at my best

And sometimes at my worse

And always made it better

Just by singing me to sleep

I woke up crying. That dream I had, was too weird. All I remember really, in vivid detail, is that I was sitting in the middle of a room, it was dark, and only one light was on. I had a guitar(I don't know how to play guitar) and was strumming it. I sang a song I've never heard of while I was crying. It was so real.

I shook all those thoughts away and wiped away my tears. I looked at the clock at I had 2 hours before the guys were supposed to pick me up. I sat up and grabbed some clothes and hopped in the shower. As the hot water ran down my body I heard my mom wake up. I guess we both slept in a bit today. I got out of the shower, changed, did my hair and came out of my room to find my mom.

"mom?" I called through the house. no answer. Strange, I could have sworn I heard her door open. I walked down the hall way and it was empty. Where'd she go?? I searched the house until I was convinced she left, she probably just went down town to get some veggy's or something. I grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled a note for her.

Mom, I went to hang out with some new friends I told you about last night. I'll be back around 11 or 12 tonight. Don't wait up. Emily

I heard a knock on the door and hoped it was my mom. I ran and thrust it open. It was Web.

"You look disappointed to see me." he said as he walked into the house uninvited.

"No, it's not that…"

"what is it ithen?"

"My mom."

"Oh…she's not here?"

"No, I think she left but I'm not sure."

"Oh," I noticed that guy says Oh a lot. "well if you don't wanna come you don't have to."

"No I do. Let me just get my shoes." I pushed him back out the door and made him wait out there while I put my shoes back on. I locked the door and left following Web.

"you walked?" I asked him after we walked about 3 houses down.

"yup, the guys found a park downtown and sent me to get you."

"A park?"

"yeah…as in a skate park. Don't you know what that is?" when I thought of a park I thought of green grass, little kids, swings, that sort of thing. But what in Gods name is a 'Skate Park'.

"Uh…am I supposed to know?" I asked gingerly.

"YES!" he exclaimed throwing his arms in the air. I jumped back. "Sorry, but who in their right mind doesn't know about skating?!"

"I don't know…" I said getting embaressed.

"Sorry!" he said punching me in the arm slightly, "It's just…wow. You've been living in a whole haven't you?"


"well your hanging out with us guys now! you'll learn everything you need to know!" I smiled slightly and nodded. God I hope so.

"Are we almost there?" I asked as we turned into an alley.

"Yeah," he said obviously not paying attention to me. I looked up at him and saw him glaring at something. I followed his eyes and saw two guys standing at the end of the alley. They looked a bit like those guys at school that people said they dealed drugs. Those white shirts that have no sleeves, baggy pants were you can see their undeware. Those guys. As we came closer to them the guys stopped what they were doing and looked at Web, then to me, then to each other and smiled. It was a gross smile, they had very bad teeth.

"hey sexy lady. Wanna hang with us?" one of them asked me. I didn't say anything, Web put his arm around me protectivly and pulled me closer.

The other one smiled even bigger, "Oh come on! We'll please you a lot better then Wonder Boy!" I felt Web tremble with anger. We walked a bit faster. As we finally got to the park I saw the guys gliding on air. WIZARDS!!! I wanted to yell, but I knew that I'd seem like an idiot if I did. Suddenly we stopped walking and web grabbed my shoulders so I was facing him.

"Whatever you do you have to promise me you'll NEVER talk to those guys back there."


"Just don't…they're-" he stopped, "just promise me. please Emily."

"I promise Web. I won't go near them."

"thank you." He said and we walked up to where Soda was standing. He didn't have a shirt on. (my jaw almost hit the floor there) "Soda! Get a shirt on!" yelled Web with a smile. Soda jumped a little and saw me.

"Oh!" he exclaimed and crossed his arms over his chest. "hey Emily." He greeted me trying to be cool.

"hey soda." I said sitting down on the floor. "Nice abs."

He laughed nervously, "Thanks." I watched Travis and Peterson do some fancy little footwork things on a piece of wood on wheels. At first I didn't understand why they'd want to do that, but then I saw Travis go up this big ramp and go in the air. I gasped. Suddenly I wanted to learn, I wanted to be up there! I wanted to feel the wind in my hair and do that fancy foot work. I stood up suddenly and poked Soda.

"What?!" he asked as I poked him harder.

"TEACH ME!" I yelled jumping up and down.

"teach you what??"

"To do that!" I yelled pointing a finger at Peterson who did the same thing as Travis.

"Whoa! It's gonna take a while before you can do that! Travis And P have been skating since they were 10."


"fine fine! Calm down!" he said grabbing his piece of wood and set it on the ground in front of me. he looked at me like he was waiting for me to do something.

"what?" I asked him.

"Soda, she's never heard of skating before." Web said not looking at us.

"WHAT?!" he yelled.

"Chill Soda. Just teach her."

"Gah, this is gonna be hard." He said grabbing a thin shirt and pulling it over his head. He walked to the other side of the board and stood there thinking.

"well…?" I asked getting aggitated.

"Chill woman! I need to think of where to begin."

"I don't need to know the specifics. Just teach me to use this piece of wood!"

"First off, it's called a board. Got it? Second, it's not as easy as it seems." I rolled my eyes and watched as one of the other guys there rolled off. I looked at the "board" as Soda called it and jumped on just like that other guy. I pushed and ta-da! I was off. I started to go slower and looked at what the other guys were doing, they kept pushing off with one leg, I did that same. I kept going faster and faster until I heard Soda yelling at Web.

"you told me she didn't know!"

"that's what she said!" web yelled back.

"She's a natural!" He yelled. I looked back and saw him running to catch up with me. I jumped off the board and waited.

"who taught you to skate?"

"No one, I just watched and copied." I said simply looking at the floor.

"well I guess-" he was saying before I heard laugther and felt Soda on top of me. my head would have hit the cement if Soda's hand wasn't there.

"HAHA!!" I heard someone yell. It was Peterson. Then Travis came over and sat on top of Soda. Talk about dog pile.

"Get off me!" I said trying to push Soda.

"Tell them to get off of me!" he said.

"I'm not moving till you guys say it!"

"say what?!" we yelled at the same time.

"say you love me!" now I didn't know about Soda but I was not about to tell Travis I loved him. After a minute I knew Soda wasn'tabout to say it either. "fine, I guess you'll have to be like this forever then." I sighed and just layed back. Trying to get comfortable in this very awkward postion, I looked at soda and he had the goofiest smile on his face.

"what?" I asked him.

"your purty." He said, I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

"thanks," I said blushing, "your cute too."





"that's more like it!" I looked at him to see if he was serious or not. His expression was blank though. Then he kissed me. KISSED ME!!

"WHOA!!" I heard travis yell. Then it stopped. And I could finally breath normally again. I looked up and saw Soda was thrown opposite of me. Travis was staring at me all weird like, "no making out in the skate park!" he yelled. I felt my cheeks get hot.

"Come on Emily, let's go to my place and wait for these guys to get done…" I heard web say behind me. I nodded and walked off with him.

15 Minutes Later

There was an akward silence between Web and I as we walked to his house. why to his house, I had no clue, but it seemed like the only logical thing a the moment. A kiss-my first kiss. My mind was racing with emotions, was I supposed to be happy my first kiss was from Soda? Was I supposed to feel anything about him? what was I supposed to do about this?

"Don't think anything about it." Web said as if he could have read my thoughts, "I've known Soda longer then you and I know that kiss meant nothing." That hurt me for some reason, like I was some one-night stand. What that was I had no clue, but I've heard girls in the bathroom talking about them and how it hurt them. So I bet this is how they felt. Used, Dirty, and insincere.

"Why did he do it then?"

"Oh come on!" he said, "What would any guy do when he was on top of a beautiful girl like you?" I blushed at the comment of him calling me beautiful, no one has really called me that.

"I don't know…" I couldn't think of anything really to say to him, "You really think I'm beautiful?"

"Sure," he said shrugging, "Why?" for the first time since I've met Web I really saw his features. A lean body, smooth skin, big brown eyes, and dark brown wavy hair. His hair kinda went into his face which made him seem more mysterious. Then it hit me, he looks like a super hero! I got a bad case of the giggles, which I tired to cover up as coughs.

Web raised an eyebrow at me, "what's so funny?" he asked me.

"N-nothing!" I said trying not to laugh hysterically.

"what?!" he asked as we turned into a driveway of some house, which I'm guessing was his house. "come on tell me." he pleaded. I nodded and tried to control myself, 'breath in, breath out.' I told myself.

"You look like a super hero." I said finally. He cocked his head to a side like a confused puppy, then shrugged.

"Eh, may be why I'm called Wonder Boy." He said simply and we walked into his house. it was nice, simple, but classy in some way. Reminded me of some kind of Mansion stuffed into a one story house.

"Nice place," I said as he shut the door behind us.

"Sure," he shrugged as if he could do better, "My room's downstairs." I followed him down the steps. Now when I think of Basements, I think of the kind that you read about in books: Damp, stone walls, dark, smelly, ect. But when we got downstairs it was anything but all that. The walls were covered in posters, it actually smelled really good, and he had lights EVERYWHERE. No joke! Lights by his midnight black bed, lights next to the couch infront of the TV (which also had lights by it), lights in all four corners, lights by his dresser, lights by the door…and well I'm sure you get the idea.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" I asked innocently enough. But it froze him, Web just stopped walking, heck I was pretty sure he would have stopped breathing too if it wasn't nesscerary. "Web?" I asked him, making sure he was still alive. Then he broke down. Just literally, fell on the ground and cried. Bawled is more like it. And I knew one thing, he was more then afraid of the dark, he was terrified of it. I ran to his side and sat next to him. I hugged him close and tired to listen to the words he was saying.

"that-(sob)-Bastard!" He yelled. "Promised!" I had no clue what happened in his childhood, but I knew it wasn't good. Definatly wasn't good.

"Web?" I asked, "Web talk to me." I put my hand under his chin so I could move his head to look at me.

"Promse you won't tell?" he asked me getting control.

"I swear." I said. He nodded. We sat there in silence for a few minutes while he thought, but with each second he got more control of his breathing.

"Okay," He said in his normal voice, "When I was 5 my mom and I moved away from my dad. We moved to a more, well dangerous neighborhood. My mom met a guy named Tyson, a real creep when I first saw him. Always touching my mom, wouldn't let her out of her sight. At 6 years old I started to notice bruises on her, ugly ones, on her neck, arms, legs. Now at age 6 I idolized my mom, she was my hero, and I hated to see her in pain. I wanted to kill her pain to make her happy again. Her and Tyson were still going out, and it turns out they were going to get married soon. My sister, Mary came around about a year later. Now I hated Tyson, no clue why back then, but I loved Mary. She was my little sister and she was adorable. Still is, though she's 11 and going through the normal teenage girl thing." He paused. After 2 minutes I wasn't sure if he was going to go on.

"Web?" I asked, hoping he'd go on.

"Call me Steven please…." He said, I nodded. "Anyways, she was 4 years old, big blue eyes, dark brown hair, so cute, so innocent. Then it happened. i woke up to her crying, it was a terrible cry. More like a scream. I ran to her room…and I didn't want to see what happened. Him, her own father…touching her like that! I hated him, loathed him. I grabbed my slipper and started to beat him.i was a scrawny 11 year old beating on a 35 year old guy five times my size. he had beat me to a bloody plup, told me if I told my mother that I'd die, I never told her. but he didn't stop, pretty soon I got tired of it, him using her, his own daughter. I confronted him one day, told him if he didn't' stop I'd tell my mom. He said he promised he wouldn't do it. He didn't stop…." Tears seemed to be waiting to come out in a flood, but they didn't.

"Steven…" I touched his arm lightly, he flinched at first. "What happened?"

"I caught him." he said I could tell he was getting angry again, "I threw him off of her, it was dark and I had no clue where he was, my eyes were adjusted by everything in her room looked like him….i had grabbed my bat that I took with me and slammed it againest everything I could. Eventually I got him…in the head."

"Did you…Steven did you kill him?" I really didn't want to know the answer, but I had to know.

"I didn't mean to! When I found out I cried, I cried like a girl! I had killed him, but when the police found out they dropped all charges. I don't know why I felt bad, but I did. I guess in some way, I loved him. but I swore at his funeral, I swore it when I saw how hurt my mom looked. That I'd never, ever have that happen again."

"So the lights are a way to…ward off all this?" I asked. He nodded.

"In a way…" he said simply, "The guys don't know about this, promise you won't tell them?"

" I swear," I said, "I swear on everything I know."

One hour later

The guys walked in on us.

It was probably the most embaressing thing in my life.

We were caught up in the moment…

I had him where I wanted him.

"Check mate." I annouced. I had won my first game of Chess.

"You guys were playing Chess while we were gone?" Travis asked. They all seemed too shocked to say anything. Soda exspecially, I guess the guys really did talk to him about me.

"My first game." I said proudly as we put the game away.

"Well get ready for the time of your life." Travis said, "We're about to show you the time of your life."

"Yeah right." I said in disbelief, "How?"

"Web, Peterson, Soda. Time please." It was as if this happened all the time, Web, Peterson and Soda got up and walked upstairs, leaving Travis and I alone. "Now, this is how it works, it's you and me againest Web and Peterson. Soda keeps score."

"What is this?" I asked.

"our verison of a water fight." He said proudly, "It's kinda like Capture the Flag. But the way you tag someone is by getting them wet, we each have a flag and our opposing team has to get our flags and return it to their base. Their base is in the front yard on the biggest pink Flamingo. Our base is in the backyard on the big orange tree. We get a point for each time we spray someone. The way to end the game, one team doesn't have their flags." He stopped, "Make any sense?"

"How do we their flag?" I asked.

"We grab it without getting tagged."

"If we get tagged what happens?"

"They get a point, you lose a point."


"so, you think you can handle it?" he asked. Now I was up for a challenge, and this one was just something new.

"Think you can keep up?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. He handed me a water gun and tucked my flag into my pants. It was weird, but he didn't go far. He did the same and we walked up the steps to the front door.

"Okay, once we open the door we have to make a run for it. They could be waiting right outside to get our flags, or they might be waiting behind one of the bushes. So be on the lookout."

"wait!" I yelled, "Do we have to go through the door?"

"N-no." he said looking dumbfounded. "why?"

" I have an idea." I said as we walked away from the door and back downstairs. I noticed there was a window that you can see the front yard and was big enough to fit a person. "we go through there." I said.

"There?" he asked pointing to the window, "Why didn't I think about it before?" he said more to himself then me. we opened the window slowly as to not make any noise and slipped through it rather quickly. As we hid in the bushes I noticed a few things.

Steven was covering the door, waiting for us.

Peterson was covering the corner to see if we would have gone around back.

Each one had their backs turned to us, a perfect target. I motioned for Travis to get Steven and I was going to get Peterson. We crawled slowly and put our fingers up. On the count of three. 1---2---3

"AHH!!!!" they both screamed as we squirted them with our water guns. We laughed and dashed for cover.

"Nice one!" I said as Travis and I ran to the backyard where there were more hiding places.

"thanks!" he said back. We dived for the biggest bush and waited.

"where'd they go?" asked Steven.

"No clue…do you think they'd hide in the bushes?" Peterson said walking closer.

"Nah, too small to fit both of them. Let's take another round of the house." we heard footsteps walking away from us. We stoood up slowly and laughed quietly.

"They'll be back you know." We heard someone say from above us. I screamed a little but Travis covered my mouth , we looked up and it was Soda sitting in the tree. "Jeez, calm down Em."

"What are you doing up there?" I asked him.

"I have to be able to see everyone." He said as if it was the only thing to do in any situation. "Besides, I like the height." He said. Then I felt it. Something cold soaking through my shirt. I turned around and saw Peterson and Steven standing there soaking us. With Flags in their hands.


"Steven…" I said as he walked me home, Travis said he would but fell asleep on Steven's floor. Soda and peterson had to be home by 10. "Thanks, for everything."

"what?" he asked, "You did more for me then I did to you."

"Well, it's just. You all helped me get my mind off of my life…that's all."

"your life can't be that bad can it?"

"Well…I barely see my dad. My mom's been in a depression for a while and I've been living in a hole practically my whole life."

"Not as hard as mine." He said, and I understood. He had a harder life then me and I did help him more.

"You're an awesome person Em. You're beautiful, funny, smart. Sure you're a bit weird, sure your naïve, but your great." He hugged me and then walked away. I guess that's how he says good-bye. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door. There was a note on the fridge.

Emily, sorry I wasn't home when you left. Your father's in the hospital and I had to go in. I'll call you around 11 to see if your there. Don't worry about him, the doctors say he'll be fine. Loves and hugs, mom.


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