Back to School

A/N- When I first wrote this, I thought about not adding the italicised words, which tells which subject you're reading about. But then I figured it would confuse some people, so I decided against it.


Bricks are falling on my head

Hit me, crush me, 'till I'm dead

Feel my brains come oozing out

Flop around like a dead trout


Stars are dancing in my eyes

As I read the "Where?"s and "Why?"s

This gigantic book I do take heed

For it holds every date I need


I know that this is cool to some

But I don't care 'bout "six kingdoms"

My comfy bed I really miss

What is this "photosynthesis"?


I listen to my teacher's rants

I'm truly bored out of my pants

I think I'm in a sort of rut

Oh-what? Who me? Como se what?


Here I am, I'm dressing out

My shorts are torn; I'm filled with doubt

We have to run the whole school twice

Or God will kill me (if he's nice)


Now I study literary

Outside it's dark; the classroom's dreary

My teacher still drones on and on

Inside I lull and dream and yawn


School is back in session now

And summer slipped away-but how?

Now I have to do some work

Inside my head, I go berserk

But the thing that keeps me going is

That I am really smart; gee whiz!

And you know what makes schoolkind offun?

Only four years till I'm done!