It all started in my dreams. I had always believed in some kind of reincarnation, but never thought it would happen to me. Every night when I finally close my eyes I learn something new about my previous self. I'll tell you it's an interesting experience; everything thing she is, I'm not. I guess we're complete opposites except for our looks. That is the only thing we share.

I'm a simple woman I don't like complications. I live in a small apartment in the city of Philadelphia, the sounds of the city keeps my mind from wandering while I drive to work. I work at one of the biggest hospitals in Philly, but I can't say I enjoy it. I have a routine-I go to work, eat there and then go home to sleep. But as I'm starting to have these dreams, I find that I want more from my life. Like I'm missing something or someone. The woman in my dreams is defiant, stubborn and independent. I envy that. It's seems silly to envy a woman that you only see in your dreams. But as always after my long days at work I lay there in my bed and I wait for my mind to slip into the dark abyss of sleep…

I'm running through the green hills of Ireland. I hear my feet making a soft padding on the lush green grass and thornless roses. Breathing in sharp gasps as I race after my horse, laughter escapes me, the sound of silver bells. I stop beside my horse as she leans down to drink from the creek. I just wanted to avoid the castle for awhile, the clashing of swords in the yard will soon drive me insane!

As I lean down to cup a handful of the cold water, I find myself staring at my own reflection in the crystal blue water. I wasn't unpleasant to look at I had to admit. My fiery wavy red hair fell just to my waist had fallen out of its braid and came down to flood around my heart shaped face. My creamy flawless skin had been reddened by the blowing wind. The stubborn tilt of my chin went perfectly with my slightly upturned nose, and there was an impish smile on my full rosy lips. But that wasn't what mostly captured people's attention. It was my eyes. They are the color of blue-green right after a storm at sea and when they have a defiant gleam in them, boy are they stormy. But as I drank the chilly water I reflected on the day's events. After my loud argument with my usually taciturn father and my quiet conversation with my mother I had ended up here. I sighed and stood up, gazing over the continuously rolling hills. This is my home, Ireland, I thought, where faeries reign and mortals are here to entertain them. I walked down the hill with no haste to get back to the castle, thinking of how my father wants to marry me off to some man, that I didn't even know. Marrying girls off to strangers was a strange concept to me, even though it has been practiced for years and it is now the year 1654. I let out a snort of disgust.

I strain my eyes as I see a figure of a man in the distance. I wonder who he is, I haven't seen the likes of him around here before. As I approach him I take in his features. Raven black hair with a lock that fell over one eye, a strong nose, a firm mouth and a slight cleft in his chin. But what held my attention were his eyes. His eyes were the color of sapphires with swirls of gray in them. They look like they could be as cold as ice but they had a warm glint in them. No, I certainly did not recognize him. A fleeting thought was that he was an immortal creature, like a faerie, crossed my mind. I tried to dismiss it, but knowing Ireland, it could be possible.

He was moving toward me, I realized with a start. He raised a hand and called a greeting:

"Good day to you, Deirdre", he called to me.

As I registered that he knew my name I looked at him warily.

"And a good day to you, sir," I said cautiously, "I must know, sir, how is it that you know my name and I have no inkling of who you are."

He laughed heartily at my confusion and my heart skipped a beat. At first, I thought he was laughing at me, but he must have been laughing at my bluntless. A fault that my father never forgets to remind me about.

"My lady, you most certainly have heard of me," he said, grinning, "I am Conn and I've decided to talk to you."

My eyes had gone wide over this announcement. Conn was the prince of the faeries and rarely spoke to mortals. Of course, he was..I mentally did an eye roll. But I was so astonished at his arrogant tone that I did not guard my words.

"I dare believe you," I said mischievously and sacrastically, "For it is known, that you have an inflated ego about yourself."

He granted me with another charming smile and continued as if I hadn't spoken! The gall of this man!

"I have taken an interest in you, Deirdre," he said simply.

I regarded him with suspicion now, "Why me? You could have taken an interest, as you call it, in any lady you want."

"Ah, but I've picked you because of your spirit for life. Such an unique quality for a woman these days."

I frowned, bemused. "But you do not know me at all, you know nothing about me."

He gave me a pitying look, "You mortals think you know everything," he said as he reclined against a sun warmed boulder, "I've been watching you for these past spring months."

At my small gasp and stuttering, "Y-y-you had no right! This is my life and if I'm being watched by an arrogant and pompous faerie, I should have the right to know!"

I stopped from my ranting and looked up at the darkening sky. The gray clouds seem to flood around them and they let their presence known by a wave of booming thunder. I jumped at the startling sound and realized that I'd been told he had quite a temper. I turned my gaze from the sky and looked at Conn, not overly impressed. He didn't seem to be affected by my show of anger, he seemed to be bored. But his eyes betrayed his posture. In his eyes I got lost in the darkening turmoil. But I, being my stupid self, refused to lower my eyes, as many of the ladies would do. I started as he suddenly spoke.

"My dear Deirdre, what a temper you have," he said as he raised his hand to cut off my snort of disbelief, "Yes, I also have a temper to match yours. But that's not what I want to talkt about. I had a visit with your father this morning after your argument."

I continued to stare blankly at him and he gave me a lopsided grin that made my heart flutter. I wish it would stop doing that.

"Since you are not inclined to speak, I will tell you about our conversation," he announced as the sky began to clear, "I told your father that I had taken an interest in you. I might add that he was more than thrilled."

I thought about my argument with my father early this morning. He had seemed a bit excited about something I couldn't place my finger on. My father has never been one to show his emotions. As Duke of Adare, he was always to involved with his business to talk to me. When we did talk, we always argued about small things, like this morning. My mother wasn't as outspoken as I was, so I tend to feel like I speak for us both. I snapped myself away from my wandering thoughts and stared at Conn, "Yes, I do seem to remember Father being rather excited about something."

Conn smiled briefly, remembering the older mans enthusiasm and said, "That was because I offered for your hand. He more than willingly accepted."

I felt my eyes widen in outrage and disbelief, "So you're the man I'm suppose to be marrying next month!" I practically shouted at him. Conn didn't seem to take exception to my raised voice and I realized that he found this amusing! The cad! I was close to fuming in my anger. I really couldn't believe this. I should just flat out refuse. Let's see how the jerk takes to that. I mentally groaned, I had no clue what I was going to do.

I quickly sat down on a near by boulder and placed my head between my hands. Conn must have sensed my discomposure or just wanted to humilated me even more. I heard him stand and felt his presence beside me. He laid a comforting hand upon my shoulder and I looked up at him through my lashes and found that he was no longer had that amused sparkle in his eyes. His face was solemn now and had an understanding look in his eyes now.

"Twill be like a challenge, Deirdre," his voice was soothing and I found myself looking up at him with tears just brimming my eyes. I never cried. "I know you can't help but accept a good challenge."

I gave him a little smile, "How you are right. I do love a good challenge and I will give you a good run for your money."

He laughed and leaned down to kiss me firmly on my lips. I blushed furiously and he laughed all the more. I inwardly cursed my sheltered life. I should really blame him, I haven't even know him for an hour yet.

I sniffed with mock disdain as he took my hands and pulled me to my feet. Strangely after all the mixed emotions, I knew it would be alright. I ponder on this as we walked hand in hand along the cliff's edge. I noticed we were heading in the direction of the castle. I wasn't unhappy about going back, I was now contented with this new change in my life. I smiled into Conn's twinkling blue eyes and knew he felt the same. I let out a sigh of happiness as we walked into the gray mist.

…I woke with a start from my deep slumber and looked around franticly. I wasn't sure if I was Deirdre or myself anymore. I listened carefully until I heard the familiar buzz of the city life and not the swordplay of young soldiers. I let out a sigh and leaned back against my overstuffed pillow. It was the same dream as always. I turned my head to stare at my beeping alarm clock. It read 5:30 AM. Time for work, I thought glumly. I got up showered and got dressed. As I moved through my apartment mechanically, I found myself missing Conn and the rolling hills of Ireland. I poured myself a small bowl of cereal; I looked around my small apartment with distaste now. Scooping a spoonful of crunchy flakes into my mouth, I found myself wishing for more. I sighed and finished my cereal and placed it into the sink. I put on my coat and grabbed my keys, stepping outside of my door. I locked my door and turned sharply, promptly running into a man.

I immediately apologized and turned my head to look up at the man. My breath caught in my throat as I gazed in the dark blue eyes so familiar to me. The man had black locks that one piece of hair rested over his one eye and the same features of Conn. I heard the man apologize at the same moment. When I heard his voice my knees almost buckled. It was practically Conn. As I looked closely into his eyes, I found a warm glint in them, almost as if he knew me also. He said to me, "It's alright, Aislinn, simple..," he trailed off and blinked in surprise at using my name, "I'm sorry I don't know why I called you that." I cut him off abruptly by saying, "Because that's my name," I smiled broadly at him, disbelief in my green eyes. He looked stunned then a complete change came over his face. He smiled into my eyes and said to me, "Would you like to get some coffee down the street?" He seemed hesitate by asking a complete stranger that he seemed to know so well some how. I took pity upon him and said with a confidence unknown to me, "Of course I will!"

Side by side I walked down the street with my very own Conn.