All Anne was conscious about was the feel of hot sand underneath her back. She slowly opened her eyes and squinted against the glaring sun. Anne laid in the sand, staring up at the cloudless azure sky. She carefully heaved herself to her feet and stood there; admiring the scenery she landed in.

The green palm trees lined the beach in a row, with a dark greenness behind them. The sea was a light aqua color, with many seashells scattered across the beach. These sea shells were colored differently and with each wave, new ones came to the shore. Of course there was also the white-tan sand. It was everywhere. The sun had heated the sand until some of the sand came unbearable to walk upon without having to run. Anne was amazed she had landed in not only what seemed a safe place, but one with wonderful surroundings.

As Anne was looking around she found her backpack and she remember how she came about this place. The previous day, or what it seemed to be, had been a stormy one. The morning had been calm, but during the day the sea had gotten rough. The rain had started to pour down upon the ship and the thunder had rumbled darkly, the lightning flashing in the dark sky. The sky had been a frightening shade of gray, mixed with blacks. The crew had been working very hard as the sea treated the ship like a rag doll in its hands. The only thing Anne had been able to grab was her backpack before a huge wave came and swept everyone off the deck, including Anne.

She remembered the feeling of being tossed into the sea, hitting the now icy water. Weighed down by her clothes, she swam frantically away from the ship as it splintered down the side. Grabbing onto a plank, she moved away from the swirling water as it engulfed the ship. That's all she remembered and she ended up here, paradise.

Anne blinked several times to get the remains of her memory out and then inspected her possessions. In her bag, she only had five items: a bottle of Advil, a set of clothing, a water bottle a box of nutra-grain bars, and tennis shoes (she lost her sandals in the sea). Anne sighed at her meager belongings and set off inside the forest to make a camp. On the way, she grabbed these huge leaves and decided they would make good bedding. The shelter of the trees would be enough so the rain wouldn't pour down on her.

As soon as Anne saw the waterfall and its green surrounding she knew she would stay here. This place offered a salty-free supply of water and a beautiful environment. Anne placed the big leaves on the ground and tossed her backpack down, planning to use it as a pillow. The atmosphere was warm enough that she decided it wouldn't be necessary for a warm blanket. The ground had turned into grass mixed in with the white-tan sand and that wouldn't be too hard to sleep on. Anne looked around, wondering what she was going to do now. She laid on her bed and closed her eyes, deciding a nap would do her good.

The next six weeks passed in a blur, it seemed. At times, Anne was horribly lonely, but some of the animals she had seen weren't as mean she thought. They became her companions for these weeks. Many times she was still grateful for her belongings. Using the nutra-grain bars as some supply of food as she looked for a better source. The better source was on top of a rocky ledge. Using her tennis shoes she climbed up and grabbed many of the ripe fruits. Without her tennis shoes she would have been nursing many sores and cuts on her feet. The supply of nutra-grain bars had diminished but, it kept her from starving until she found these fruits.

One night it had rained and rained while Anne was off exploring. By the time she had reached camp, she was soaked to the bone. Using her other set of dry clothes she changed into them, keeping herself warm. Without those clothes, she could have caught a dreadful chill. In the morning she had discovered she had a beginning of a cold, so she took some Advil and it was gone in no time. The water bottle had become her way of holding her supply of water. Even though the water in it before was gone, she refilled it and it kept her from having to get up in the night to get a drink.

One morning, as Anne was picking up sea shells, she saw a ship. The ship had an American flag on it, so she knew it was for her. Whenever her ship had sunk, they must have gotten a message out to send out for help. The rescue ship must have been searching for any survivors on the islands. They finally came to hers. Anne waved her arms and as they sent out a smaller boat, she ran and got her backpack.

The people in the boat helped her in, with welcoming smiles. Anne was thrilled to finally have some human contact, but she couldn't resist one last look at her own island. She knew she'd miss this place and the past month she stayed here. As soon as she got home, she'd write it all down and tell her story.