Genie in the bottle,

Grant me what I wish,

Things I want, things I need,

Give them to me,


Why are you not granting?

Why are you so still?

I'll go nuts if I can't make a wish,

Can't you pop a happy-pill?

A magic drug? Some fairy dust?

I think that'd be best for all of us,

Because I am losing breath,

And I can't wait too much more,

I have to have what I want to have,

And possibly much more.

I'm starting to go crazy,

You're still lying in your bed,

Your eyes are closed, and you're not breathing,

Now I'm filling up with dread.

I can't have what I want know,

Because I see my greed hath led

This beautiful creature,

Genie in the bottle,

To be cold and dead.