I'm waiting for the train

The clock reads 5 'til 2

20 minutes I have to sit and talk to you

I have a problem I need to discuss

Listen or not, it's okay

Don't get too involved in what I say

You see, my problem is, lately I've been happy

Things have finally gone my way

Life couldn't be better, all my old scars seem to fade

But my happiness is a sham

For the one who made me happy is now sad

And I'm the cause

I took and took from her when I was down

And, now that things have turned around,

She needs me to give back what she gave me

But I'm too in love with it, so to her demand, I can't agree

A face full of tears, her tears, are my last memory

Thank you for your ear

Be it thirsty or annoyed

The clock now reads 10 after 2

5 more minutes in this void

I leave you with these simple words

As I step on to the track

"I once was sad, and now I'm happy

but I've caused my friend to cry,

and so because I'm happy

(oh good, the train's on time)

I must run off to die"