This is a song I imagine faith hill or leane rimes singing. :D Hey, I can dream. Please read and review. The ending is double meaning. :D

Highway 99

Highway 99 baby,

Driving myself back to you,

It's been a while now,

Babe I'm missing you.

Sun is coming down baby,

Soon the moon will come, with the,

Twilight embracing me

Don't you miss me too?

Remember the rainy days when we've lain alone in bed,

Oblivious to the world but for the body next to me…


I'm coming back baby,

Back where I belong,

I'm coming back baby,

In your arms where I belong,

In your arms where I am home.

Headlights come and go baby,

Why'd you leave me so honey?

Pressin' through the speeding limit

Why'd you have to go?

Don't know where to start sweetheart,

Might as well say I'm sorry.

Won't you meet me now darling?

Meet me halfway through somehow.

Lookin' back on that fateful night, tears, screams and flashing lights.

Oblivious to the world but for the body that I see…


Highway 99 baby,

driving myself back to you,

Baby I'm missing you,

I'm dying to be with you…