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Crimson Tonight

Though tonight's forever won't last 'til morning,

And the wheels of time would not stop turning,

As each moment slips into yesterday,,

I won't forget the arms where I used to lay.

And with every tear I kiss tonight,

I'm wrapped in the warmth of your embrace,

I'll close my eyes 'til tomorrow comes,

Until time claims back what was always his.

So let me live in the shadows of our past,

Today's illusions, tomorrow's lies,

Let love come, let me doubt and let me be,

If it's the only way to keep you here.

And I will give, each breath, my last,

If that would keep you here tonight.

You are etched within my soul,

This eve engraved upon my heart.

And though I chain each star tonight

The painful dawn is bound to come.

Tomorrow's sunrise bids goodbye,

My opened eyes won't see you there,

I will let time heal my wounds

But will my sorrow to remain.

So love, stay here with me tonight,

Take my hand, I will not cry.

And while my world is still yet dark,

The skies above would not dare lie.

And so tonight let's cling forever,

Until shades of crimson paint my sky.