vintage girl---modern world

she sits on the closed-cover lid of her toilet seat
and stares at the chipped sea-blue walls made of aging lead
(or so they told her- do. not. touch.)

yesterday's bikini top lays on the worn tile floor-
lime green and white polka(dots), smallest size possible-
so yesterday

the mirror with the elaborate faux-gold edging,
reduced to pieces by her fists,
drowns in the soap-studded water of the bathtub-
it would make such pretty rainbows, if only the sunlight touched it

sex-filthy, alcohol-stained clothes pile up inside the wooden bin by the corner
but she doesn't do laundry and the maid never showed up

she's afraid to open the toilet cover
and find today's lunch amidst dirty water
and so
she flushes it down the drain-
some fish will get extra lucky today -

and reads her magazine:

"How to Get Those Size 2 Supermodel Thighs"

when she's already zero minus some.