A window's view.

Gabby tossed her long fair hair angrily over her shoulder.

"How much longer!" She spat, staring out of the car window at the hills and trees that were flashing by her. Darren looked over at her from the drivers seat.

"We've only been in the car for half an hour, give me a break Gabby" He chuckled. Gabby threw him a dirty look before returning to the grubby window. There was a long cold silence in which Darren looked across at her.

"Gabby..?" He said, gently placing his hand on top of hers. "I'm sorry, about your mum... I really am" He could see a tears prick her eyes.

in the window reflection.

"It's not your fault, Dad.." She replied quietly. "I just, wish that when she was... alive... I could have appreciated her more" She gave a weak smile. "Remember when I went to that party? and I got lost? And when I called mum, she never yelled. She came right out to where I was, and when I tried to apologise for lying to her she wouldn't let me. She said she didn't mind, so long as I was safe." There was another silence. Gabby looked up, whiped her tears away tied her hair up into a bun. "It doesn't matter anymore." She said to herself. Darren looked at her carefully, he always found it difficult to understand his only daughter, why did it not matter? Darren decided to break the silence.

"You hungry?" He asked seeing a cafe as he turned the corner into a old english town. Gabby nodded and out on her jacket as Darren parked the car.


"Table for two?" The young women smiled at them, she had a cheerful, round face and curly ginger hair that hung down to her shoulders. She led them over to a table by a window on the quiet side of the cafe. Sitting down Gabby consulted the menu.

"Wow this stuff snazzy isn't it?" She said scanning the lists of english breakfast's and cakes. She looked up at Darren with one eyebrow slightly raised.

"We are not in Knightbridge anymore, young lady, so this is what your getting" Darren said putting down the menu and smiling at her. Gabby rolled her eyes.

"Have you decided yet?" The smiling waiting asked returning to their table.

"Can I have a full english breakfast, without the mushrooms and a cup of tea please" Darren replied. "Gabby?"

"Tea and toast" She said in a bored tone. Darren nudged her under the table and she added a "Please" to her sentence. The woman bustled off to get their food and Gabby sank down into the worn booth seat, looking out of the window. The view was the same as it had been on the way down here, green hills, dazzling sunshine poking through the tree's branches and the odd sheep wondering around eating grass and looking lost.

"It must be awful to be a sheep" She said quietly gazing out of the window. Darren looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

"Why do you say that?" He asked turning a page. Gabby sat up and rested her elbows on the table, looking directly at Darren.

"Their whole intire life means nothing, all they do is eat grass, have baby sheep and baa. Nothing they do will ever amount to anything, they can't even think for themselves!" She said. Darren put down his paper.

"How do you know that what we do doesn't seem pointless to sheep?" He said challenging her. Gabby rolled her eyes.

"Dad... they're sheep" She said.

"I'm fully aware" Darren replied still smiling.

"When I die, I will have made a difference. A sheep will never make a difference" Gabby said sitting back in her seat.

"Your not thinking outside the box, Gab." Darren answered. "How do you know that those sheep out there are not shaking their heads at us and saying 'Tose poor humans, they think what they are doing with result in something. Poor deluded souls, what they should be really doing is having children and concentrating on natural things like us'"

"Dad, I'm begining to worry about you now" Gabby said sarcastically edging away.

"Gabby, one thing you must realise in life is that we are not the only people who live it." Darren said leaning forward in his seat. "You must think about all of the other creatures who have difference experiences to us, therefore they must have different philosophy. You must learn to see things for other points of view, knowing that you are wrong, in a sense, is true wisdom." Gabby raised her eyebrows.

"So your saying the sheep has a perfect life, in its opinion?" She smiled looking out of the window again.

"Keep thinking like this, Gabby, and you might be as smart as me" Darren grinned at her.

"Keep thinking like this, Dad, and I might have to put you in a mental institution" Gabby laughed.

"Here is your tea" The smiling woman said returning with who steaming mugs brown liquid.

"Well sheep" Gabby said looking out of the window again and picking up her chipped mug. "It looks like I underestimated you"

"Here's to sheep" Darren smiled picking up his own mug. They laughed and clinked their mugs together. Who ever thought sheep could make a difference?