In the beginning, six dragon roamed the unknown lands for which man had never set foot upon. The dragons where all different in there ways. There was the great red dragon with black strips like a tiger, the red dragon was known as Bastet, leader of fire, his roar was one to fear.

Conall was the dragon of the land, he is later to help the people of the world, who are people who have been thrown out of their towns and villages. Conall will stand at these people's side. He has dark brown scales and yellow wings.

The dragon of the sky is Inanna, she is beautiful, her powder blue scales shine in the sun's light as she spreads her cloud white wings to the free sky.

Vidar, the dragon of the forest lives with the elves in peace unless forced to fight. He has a sharp eye, dark green scales and light green walls.

The dragon of the sea is Saraswati, like Inanna, Saraswati is very pretty. She has silver scales, no wings but a large fin in its' place, her tail is fanned at the end.

The greatest dragon is Fionn, dragon of light, leader of the other 5. He is pure white with gold eyes and gold wings, he lives in a hidden placed that can only been found if looked for hard enough.

The dragons honoured their place on earth and everything around them. They made six orbs to honour a gift from each other. An orb for each dragon and these orbs held a power. Each power different from each other. Bastet's orb held the power of warmth to the cold. Sarawati's held the power to lift you into the air for a little while, make you float. Conall's orb was of luck. With Inanna's orb, you could breath under water as long as you held it. Vidar's orb gave the power to listen to animals and last of all Fionn's orb, this orb held the power of light. But all orbs used together could create something wonderful; life from the dead but only a girl pure of heart would be able to release this power.

Six dragons rules the land, sea and sky together at first until the first sighting of man came. The dragons were completely lost to this. Man, what was it? Who and why? The dragons packed together and ran. Fionn lead them to the dark lands, nothing but ash and fire shooting from small cracks in the ground. Conall was the first to speak, he said that Fionn had lead them wrong. Saraswati believed that her leader had taken them the wrong way. All seemed lost, nothing to eat, nothing to drinkā€¦ nothing but ash and the burning fire. The dragons argued and fought over small things. The days got longer and the nights lasted forever. They hardly ate and drank, letting the world pass them by. Man grew in this world, they spread through the land. Towns were made, villages and castles. Trees were cut for fire wood, weapons and for there homes. Things only got worst for the six. Fighting between them became worst. Inanna dearly missed the sea and Sarawati missed the sky, in fear of man she didn't soar to the sky. The sad day came when Vidar had had enough, he left without a word as the others slept. Dawn broke and Fionn's roar was heard as Vidar had left. Once again the dragons argued, it stopped when Inanna flew to the sky. Conall turned from them and left. Saraswati watched as the pack broke up, she took a last look at Fionn and Bastet before turning and running away from them all. Fionn stood as he watched his old friends split up. Bastet looked at him, frowning, blaming him for it. The words, "Mans fault." came from his as he glared at Fionn. Fionn left, the great white dragon walked to the trees and was not seen again. Bastet however stayed in flame and ash.

Many moons passed. Each dragon apart from the other. Inanna became the dragon of the sky. Saraswati owned the water. Conall however met with man and became a protector of them. Vidar had found elves and became a dragon of the forest, friend to elves and many birds and animals. Bastet stayed in fire. Away from everyone and everything. Fionn was never heard of. Unknown if he was dead or alive.