The War


It started when she was fifteen. Just a girl out there to make the world the way she wanted it. She was willing to do it alone, too. There was nothing that was going to stop her from doing it. But she did have help. Two boys. A thirteen year old and a sixteen year old helped her to organize it.

The ban on interaction with the opposite gender was put into place as an attempt to stop the spread of AIDs. It did not really help, because the people it affected, young men and women between the ages of twelve and twenty, disobeyed it, organizing to meet in secret. This encouraged the government to spend time to make a secure way for the teenagers to interact safely. Thus became a youth day camp.

The "secure" environment made it simple for the three to plot a revolt against anyone they could. The three weeks together for eight hours a day just added to the simplicity of the idea. They never got in trouble, they were doing nothing wrong, just talking amongst themselves. The coordinators never really looked in on them, never listened to their conversation long enough to understand their plans.

The last Monday was the starting day of their revolt. Then it was supposed to carry on through the week, and end there. Little did they know that it would carry on much longer.

A/N: I had a dream the other night, and it was about this. It seemed like a great story, and I thought maybe it would be my best yet. I must say, I like where it is going right now! You will see that, in the next chapter, there is a line of a poem after each pacer (pacer: ::::). This is an old poem that I wrote, and thought it worked in the story. I based parts of the plot around the stanzas. Each stanza will have a chapter to it. At the end of the chapter, I'm going to re-write the stanza. Enjoy!