Eyeliner Prince of Cats am I, grimy Queen of Rats are you,
Yet you possess my soul like taunting absinthe demons;
We're playing a game with no rules to each other subdue:
Your misery enthralls me as you worship my contradictions.

Stop believing in those dismembered ghosts of old feeling;
I never once took the easy way out and remember still
Your insipid eyes on me filled with icy dew of mourning,
Your twisted and sordid thoughts driving all but me ill.

You try but can't forget the first constellation you saw,
Guided by my cold hand lifted towards the desert sky,
Standing beneath the smiling Great Bear in silent awe
Hoping to steal warmth from my body but ever too shy.

Dreams lie, and regrets drive you only deeper into despair,
Keep none with yourself in Death's antechamber sweet,
Lest they urge you to visit His Majesty's hedonistic lair
And leave a life of passion, jasmine and blood incomplete.

You left me with a silken noose tight around my throat
And silver bracelets at my ankles and wrists as manacles
To show: child of liberty to slave of love you did promote;
And I'm a captive of my own choices, walking in circles.

Somehow the certitude that we will never be truly loved
Stings, burns, fills our lungs, choking them with bitter fluids
And the anguish of believing we are never to be absolved
For not having drowned at birth in our misery's wild rapids.

Lacerate my chest; I'll claw out your eyes, half-blood;
I want more and I'll have more of your precious sorrow,
You'll feed on my whimpers as I choke on flesh and mud
And we'll both pray we can lie together 'til the morrow.

AN: Very well aware of the fact that this probably makes no sense at all…thing is that this was practically forced out of me…I've been suffering from awful writer's block. Little bits and pieces of poetry have been mustered over the past two months but never assembled as something concrete. When Aimee Raven became Prince of Cats in a spur of the moment mood, she decided she absolutely had to try and make something of all the crumbs of poetry…this is the result. If the meaning is vague, it's because all these verses weren't originally meant to form stanzas. Still, I think it isn't bad…It is inspired by my old relationship with a certain Stefan…no reawakening of old flames, no, God forbid, just necessary inspiration!