Author's note: I wrote this little poem en français, because I've always enjoyed the fact that the word "peche" means many different things in French. Can you figure out which?

Le poème:

Un pêcheur,
il assis sous un pêcher
et il pêche.
Meme temps
qu'il pêche,
il mangait une pêche.
Est-ce que c'est
un péche,
a pêcher et
manger une pêche,
et est le pêcheur
vraiment en pécheur?

For those of you who don't speak French:

The translation:

A fisherman,
he sits under a peach tree
and he fishes.
At the same time
as he fishes,
he eats a peach.
Is it a sin
to fish and
eat a peach,
and is the fisherman
really a sinner?