Yep, I'll admit it! I am a GEEK! a LOSER! an outcast from society. I play D&D! I play Magic: the Gathering! And you know what? I like it.

This life rejects me and my kind

This is perfectly fine by us

In fact, we reject life instead

Why bother with the here and now?

We are masters of the there and then

The world comes to claim us

We ignore it again

They come armed with their jobs

They throw their responsibilities at us

Trouble and worries

Fear and doubt

But we have our twenty-sided dice

Equipped with rulebooks

And card games and comics

We can fight back by not fighting

They can scream all they want

There will be no war without warriors

We won't show up to fight

We're busy in our own little worlds

My world is better than yours

I don't need your reality

So come on in or go away

But if you are going o go away, could you review first? Thanks.