Constructed entirely of fridge magnets, so yes, bound to have many imperfections... it kind of made itself into a speech by a knightish fellow of old before he begins a duel.

Methinks thou slander foully
about yonder o'erly dreamed lover
who bestow'st seemly merry love
in this tormented trifle of winter.

Wicked envy wilt yield nothing fair
therefore you art herein beseeched,
drunk discontent poison of a peasant mortal:
strike hither codpiece villain!
and speak vehemence to tempt me.

But mercy shalt deceive thine saucy manner
wherefore I hath fortune in my grace.
Know melancholy tonight!
for every woe thence has much warrant
by thou mischanceous goblet.

Chase after thy wanton jests,
they have full measure with death
through myself, friend of honour.
Thus do I sanctify light
and quench your vile bawdy wooing,
like it please our lady maiden:
farewell, loathsome drunkard!