desperate days enfold me
like a python with prey,
although I stand tall as though untroubled
and walk as though my steps were sure
if you but raise your face to mine
then surely it will show in the shadows
that sneak slyly across my eyes
like cloudcover swimming over the moon,
and in the seconds when I forget to speak
and only stare into an unseen horizon,
that all my soul is shamed and my heart
is failing and I am finding it so hard...

I should have been looking for snakesign,
watching the sand for telltale passage,
subtle mark that you had been here,
sweeping your serpent's cursive over the land,
and that you were still here,coiled in waitfor the moment.
but I was too intent on lamenting the lack of colour
and dreaming about days less grey.

I found colour after all
while you were ring-rolling yourself around me,
lazy with the sinuous confidence of capture,
in the way the sun shimmers off your scales
and makes a rainbow mockery of me as I stretch
towards the sky looking for last minute escape.
as the light explodes and begins to shadow inwards
I even see stars.