Great Jove, give this old adventurer strength enough to tell

The Tale of how your once great City in the West was fell.

On a pitch blacknight, a maid by name of Cyprice

Did wonder long about, saw her all there was to see

Until one rogue horseman, in manner most clandestine,

Did make haste and rape from town the maid so sweet and fine.

Her father was woken that ru'nous night, still dull from sleep and mead:

When told of his own dear daughter's rape, made him haste to mount his steed

And rode through all the town, shouting "Kinsmen, aid I need right and now!

Find me this now racing fiend and I'll givst thee mine hands and cow!"

The populace scowered their great town for this villain in the dark,

But in hour three, a scream did ring, and the dogs did loudly bark:

The swine had turn'd out Persian, had armed himself with men, now swarming

Round the town: they lit it up, a Beacon-torch on the plane, burning.

It burned all through the night: when morning came, you couldfind nonealive

But I, Telemachus, Ulysses' aged son, who for Justice strive.