You Promised

You promised you'd tell me everything
You told me how to trust, to hope
You promised you'd teach me everything
You taught me how to cherish, how to love

Darling, you promsied me so many things
And I was stupid enough to believe you
Now I don't know so many things
Now I've never once felt so betrayed

How do I face death when you never told me?
Am I going to heaven, hell, to rot in my grave?
You've killed me and I don't know where to go
You promised the wrong thing - you don't know everything

Death is such a mystery, why don't you solve it?
You let me die without the answers to what I needed
Yes, I blame you for this - why aren't you guilty?
Give me answers and I won't haunt you

Forever is a long time to wait - think it over
Are you proud of my demise, my sorrow?
Is it going to end like this for you too?
Death can only bring so many more questions

You taught me to make you happy
I was never happy myself, though
Everything was to your advantage
I never learned to hate you

Looks like I figured that out myself

Author's Note : Like I said before, we need a "Hate" section on FictionPress!