we used to steal (individually wrapped)
condoms from bins at the back of the store
& we'd go to drive-in movies (replicated
like the '50s) for our inane pleasures.
"let's make this our little secret,"
you would whisper just before lightly
stroking my breasts & breathing mint
scented seduction against my neck until
i shuddered with amorous anticipation.
during sweatsticky summers, you'd buy
faux leather gloves at a diesel gasoline
station & we'd go to a "cockroach motel"
(just the two of us). you'd take out your
swiss army knife & saw off the fingers
of those gloves & you'd tempt me as you
slid those gloves onto your hands
then you'd finger me against the full
-length mirror until i came justtherightway.
you always said love was the 'half-glass-full'
way of saying lust, but i say it's just a
way of saying fuck (passionately).

aren't four letter words beautiful?