The Dark Came To Visit:

As I sat alone one night
bedise my dying fire
their came a-knocking on my door.
I roused myself and fetched it open,
wondering who it might be.

There sood a person on my step,
and I didn't think I knew him.
His face was shrouded by a hood
and he wore a cloak
blacker than the moonless night.

"Yes," I said
odly feeling to fear
despite the strangeness of this apparition.
He gave no reply
but stepped through the door
bringing the night along with him.

My fire went out altogether
as I shut the door behind him.
He stood still a moment
then walked to my smoking hearth
and made himself comfortable
in my armchair.

I followd behind and placed myself
ona small hearth-stool;
more wonder than fear in my heart.

We sat in silence for a while
the stranger staring at something,
something that I could not see.
Then he turne his gaze to me,
and I was starled by his look.

I saw his face for the first time;
his eyes were wide and deep
his face familliar but yet
the face of a total stranger.
"Who are you?" I said in fearful awe,
but he only shook his head.

Then he spoke.
I could not describe his voice
even if I felt inclined to try;
I do not.

He spoke and talked of many things,
and after a while
his words seemed to melt
and become images in my mind.
A meadow beneath a quarter moon
the grasses waving in the gentle breeze.

A clearing in the forest
the shining of the brilliant stars
touching the silent air
with silver dew-drop light.

A raging sea beneath a moonless sky
white crested waves
tossing the darkness in fury
towards the dawn.

A shining full moon
above a plain of cloud-top
soaring winds bore the night
through the ancient cycle.

Birth, life
live, die
rise again
to rule the world.

After a time he ceased to speak
leaving me alone
with my poor rattled thoughts.
I was breathless and amazed,
seeing the wonders of the nightlaid out in perfect beauty for you
can leave one so.

I opened my mouth to speak,
but the shadowy fellow raised his hand
commanding my silence.
He smiled at me a little then,
and seemed to whisper low:
Never forget.

Then, even as I watched
he began to fade away.
Melting into the same night
that had given him birth.
A trace of starlight lingered
then my fire sprang back to life.

I sat for a long while
as the first rays of dawn carresed me;
considering what had transpired.
I don't think I shall ever forget
the night the Dark came to visit.