Title: Sometimes It's Like Cancer

Author: Eris Mackenzie

Rating: M

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As soon as he had left the room, Brandon cursed at his mother's bad timing. Just, damnit, if only she had called a little bit after… But it was no use. Brandon sighed as he walked down the steps. Faintly, he heard his bedroom door open and close and he knew that Lorcan was following behind him but it's not like he could do anything to him on the stairs.

Already there was a dull throb in his pelvic area that was screaming for someone to let out the pressure and Brandon fully intended to make sure that happened. He reached the door to the kitchen and just before he walked through the door to the sunlit room, he turned around and smiled maliciously. He knew Lorcan saw him.

"Hello, mother," he said. He walked into the room and flopped into a chair. An air of haughtiness permeated his action and words so that his greeting was less respectful and more insolent. He didn't care about the disapproving frown on his father's face. Fuck them.

"Hello, Mrs. Westward…" Brandon turned his head to see a hesitant Lorcan shuffle his way into the room. He grinned to himself when he caught his eye and Freak Boy turned bright red.

"Good morning, Lorcan," Debbie smiled warmly. She turned to address Brandon as Lorcan sat down across from him. "Now, Brandon, we didn't know this until yesterday; but your cousin Sally and her husband need someone to look after Lisa for a little bit. Your father and I would have done it, but we both have work conferences later today. Do you think that you and Lorcan would be able to watch her for about three hours?" She looked quickly at Brandon and Lorcan. "I know that Sally would be very grateful - this is their three year anniversary. Of course you won't have to watch Lisa until around six so you'd have all day to do whatever."

Brandon stopped twirling his fork around as he listened and thought. He knew most of the time that his parent's "business conferences" could last well past nine and with all that time… haha, well, he knew a few things that could definitely work to his benefit.

"Alright," he said, cutting off his mother in mid-sentence. She looked shocked that he had agreed so soon and so he shrugged. "Just figured I'd… do something to help out, you know?" She didn't look convinced, but he could see the worries practically leaking out of her mind.

"Well.. thank you, Brandon. And you too, Lorcan; I'm sorry I couldn't have given you more warning." Debbie did indeed looked sincerely sorry and Brandon glanced over to see Freak Boy giving her an entirely too friendly smile. He kicked under the table as soon as his mother looked away.

Lorcan hissed as Brandon made contact and he grinned over at him as he saw him massage the soon-to-be bruise. It wouldn't be the last one he got.

"Don't fuck around, Freak Boy," he growled as he leaned across the table.

Lorcan gave him a wary look and Brandon sat back, satisfied.

"So, anyway, Mother, when is your meeting?" Brandon asked.

"Ah… not until about four, I think."

"Hhm.. and what time is it now?"

His mother glanced at the grandfather clock standing beside the table.

"11:54. I let you guys sleep in a little bit." His mother answered.

Brandon snorted. Please, he slept in until he wanted any day.

A pager went off on his mother's waist. She set down her coffee and turned the face to her.

"Ah… look, kids, I have to go. Trouble at the office again." She frowned. "Your father is already at work so I'll give you a call from my cell later, okay?" She leaned over to give Brandon a kiss, which he quickly dogged. The only kisses he was going to get was from the person sitting across from him, thank you very much. She noticed the movement with a sad expression and she stood straight again. "Well, alright, good-bye."

"Good-bye, Mrs. Westward," Lorcan said respectfully. Brandon saw with satisfaction that he didn't smile again.

"Yes, good-bye, Mother," Brandon said sarcastically. She gave a quick wave out of the kitchen doorway before she grabbed her keys and walked out the front door.

Now… they were alone. Finally.

Brandon turned to Lorcan. The goth boy was staring down at the glass table, but Brandon knew he wasn't really looking at it. His shoulders were hunched in pre-mature defeat already. His hands kept fidgeting in his lap, twisting and popping the joints. Brandon thought he could put those hands to better use.

"Get up," he said as he too stood up.

"What?" Lorcan looked up quickly.

"Just get up and follow me."

Lorcan sighed, but he had no choice. Brandon knew he would follow him anyway. Together, they walked out of the sunny kitchen to the cooler darkness of the hallway. Brandon's mind was alive with excitement. He had Freak Boy all to himself and there was nothing anyone could do about it. It was time to make him his.

He led him back to his room; opening the door and letting him in first. He closed the door behind him, so loudly that Lorcan jumped.

Lorcan stood in the middle of the room with his back to Brandon, but to him he looked as vulnerable as a baby bird. The blinds were still closed, reflecting most of the afternoon sunlight back out into the sky. Brandon suddenly got an idea.

"Take off your clothes."

Lorcan whipped around, looking at him fearfully.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I told you so and you have to do what I say." Brandon said simply, almost shrugging.

"What if I don't want to?"

"What if I don't want to…" Brandon mocked Lorcan. "Well, then I say I'd just have to open my mouth and say something we might not like, now wouldn't I?"

Lorcan gulped. "B-but… are you going to hurt me?"

"Not so much you can't stand it. Now shut up."

Lorcan still refused to take off his damn clothes so Brandon sighed and walked over.

"Now, am I going to have to take them off myself?" He asked as if talking to a child.

Lorcan just stared at the floor. He was angry, Brandon could tell.

Well, good.


Brandon reached down and shoved his hand under Lorcan's shirt. He heard him gasp and smirked. His hands were cold and Lorcan was oh-so warm. He had gotten his shirt halfway off and was working on his belt when Lorcan suddenly jerked away.

"I'll do it," He snapped.

Brandon just shrugged. Less work for him. He watched Lorcan strip off everything but his boxers. He frowned when he saw this, but decided that he might as well let him keep them on. It's not like they'd be staying on for long anyway.

Lorcan was staring at the ground, blushing but not from embarrassment. He was just pissed off. Brandon walked up to him, standing just centimetres away.

"Get on the bed and lay on your stomach," Brandon whispered in his ear. He felt the smaller boy shiver and smiled.

Lorcan turned from him and went about his orders in silence. Seeing Lorcan in such a state… made Brandon very warm. He quickly shed his own layers of clothing and stepped out of his pants. He had left his boxers on too, though he didn't know why.

He walked to the bed slowly and leaned over. Lorcan's eyes were staring blankly at the bedcovers. He didn't even blink. Oh, well.

He slowly got up on the bed. He put one knee over Lorcan's still form, but didn't straddle him until a second later. The first contact of skin against skin made the breath burst from his lungs and he had to force himself to stay still. The urge to just fuck the boy beneath him was a fiery ache in his groin. It screamed like it had before to be noticed.

Lorcan's ass curved into Brandon's stomach. Brandon's hips dug into Lorcan's thighs. Oh, it felt good. The muscles in his pelvis tightened unbearably as he closed his eyes. Involuntarily, he thrust against Freak Boy. Lorcan's body tensed underneath Brandon. Shit.

Slowly, he hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of Lorcan's boxers, stroking the soft skin there. He tugged them down bit by bit then got up despite the protesting of his body, and took them fully off.

"Turn over," he whispered. And Lorcan did.

Brandon's pupils dilated as the pleasure coursed through his system just at the sight of the tempting boy on his bed. His half-hard cock perked up even more as he thought about just how far Freak Boy's body could bend. Fuck.

Now, Lorcan had nowhere to look but at Brandon. His eyes showed he was more scared than uninterested. Brandon felt a little bad, but shit, his body wasn't listening. His boxers were beginning to restrict him quite severely and he pushed them down to his knees. Lorcan's eyes grew even bigger as he stared. Brandon smiled and then leaned down, shivering himself as the tip of his sensitive head brushed against Lorcan's stomach.

"Like what you see?" he whispered darkly into his ear.

He didn't bother to wait for an answer as he let his weight fall on Lorcan. He groaned low in his throat and squeezed his eyes shut, taking into account the surprised and perhaps a little aroused gasp from Lorcan. Grabbing Freak Boy's hand, he pushed it down like he had earlier that day. Even before Brandon told him, Lorcan's fingers wrapped around Brandon and squeezed.

"Shit!" He yelped. "Damn, your fingers have a spasm?"

He glanced up at Lorcan to see him mortified.

"I-I - "

"I see you're not that against it," Brandon said as he grinned. And Lorcan wasn't either. At least, little Lorcan poking him in the stomach wasn't. "What is this we have here?" He too reached down, jerking hard on the semi-erect appendage.

"Brandon!" Lorcan moaned as he lurched off the bed. Brandon smirked.

"Yes, Freak Boy? What is it you want?"

Lorcan shook his head and turned it the other way.

"Oh, no," Brandon grabbed hold of Lorcan's chin and forced him to look back. "Tell me. What is it you want?"

Lorcan refused to answer Brandon as they sat there for a few minutes. Brandon, if possible, only became more aroused as he saw the tears leaking down his face.

"I… I…"


"…I want you to touch me…"

Brandon smiled triumphantly.

"That's all you had to say."

He tightened his fingers around Lorcan's cock, feeling the surge of blood at his breathtaking moan. Lorcan gasped as he lifted off the bed again.

"God, do that again!" Lorcan groaned.

"Oh, giving me orders now?" Brandon said, amused.

"Just… please!"

"Oh, well, okay, now that you asked nicely." Brandon did it again, only this time adding his own little twist. Seeing Lorcan all hot and bothered was making him ache with need and he only had so much patience.

Lorcan whimpered as Brandon stopped. He put his hands on either side of Lorcan's head, breathing deep as he got control over himself.

"Okay, now, Lorcan, I want you to do something for me." He said. Lorcan nodded.

"As long as you don't stop."

"I'll finish you off soon enough, just you have to give me head."

Lorcan looked at him for a second; actually clear-headed.


"You heard me."

"Yeah, I did, it's just… well, I don't really know how…" Brandon saw Lorcan wince as he admitted this. Now, normally, he would have stopped and made fun of him for not being able to do such a simple thing, but he was a little too horny at the moment.

"It's not that hard," he said impatiently. "All you have to do is suck."

"Yeah, but - "

"Okay, how about this - I'll show you how, alright?"

Lorcan looked at him, confused as to why he was even offering.


Brandon pushed Lorcan back down against the bed. He smiled darkly and his mouth curved into a vicious smile as he bit down on one of Lorcan's nipples. He loved the startled gasp Lorcan made. He sucked hard against the pert little nub before latching onto the other one. Licking slowly down Lorcan's chest, he could feel his ribs sticking out against his tongue.

As he got to his belly button, he bathed it in an erotic swirl. He guessed he had it right when he heard the loud moan. Lorcan's arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders; right hand burying itself in his hair. Brandon found he didn't mind.

When he finally did come to Lorcan's cock, he gave it a little kiss. Lorcan made a noise that wasn't really a moan or a scream but sent a flood of sensation down Brandon anyway. He licked around the base slowly and then leaned back. He heard the lost whimper that turned halfway into a yell as he leaned back down and abruptly sucked.

"Jesus - fucking - Christ!" Lorcan screamed.

Brandon would have grinned, but that required more stretching than his mouth could handle. He decided to do a trick he had learned before and deep-throated Lorcan while he squeezed with his hands. The result was phenomenal.

It was only a few more minutes before Brandon knew Lorcan couldn't take it and so he stopped.

"Why did you - "

Brandon smashed his mouth against Lorcan's, cutting off what he was going to say. His hips thrust against Freak Boy's hard and fast, knowing that he was about to come himself just from the friction. He decided to finish off the handjob and jerked hard just as his body spasmed.

"Ah, fuck!!" Lorcan screamed.

Brandon couldn't have said it better himself. He didn't even care that he hadn't gotten that blowjob he wanted.

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