The Fighting Power Story

By: Kyle Coleman

I. Chapter 1-- The Beginning

Several months after finishing high school, Tommy Silver and Amanda Adams are talking on the phone one night. "Tommy, I'm bored with doing nothing for the last couple of months. Let's have some fun with our lives," suggests Amanda. "I…don't know, Amanda. When you said fun, you sound like you have something already in mind, don't you?" replied Tommy. "Well, I heard some people talking about a fighting tournament for mutants and metahumans. There's a prize of $5,000 given to the winners. How about we enter?" asked Amanda. "What!? That's crazy! What kind of tournament is that? Besides, I don't care about any prize money," exclaims Tommy. "Oh, c'mon, Tommy. Yeah, you're allowed to use your powers, but we won't be killing anyone. Don't worry about it," adds Amanda. "Well…Amanda, you've talked me into it. I don't know about you, but I don't think we should use our real names in the tournament. That's why I'm gonna use the nickname Jesica gave me, Toma," he replied. "Oh yeah, I remember Jesica. Jesica Summerheart… that's the girl you introduced me to that you hung around with so much. Well, Toma, you can call me Jesta," she added. "When do we sign up, Jesta," asked Toma. "The tournament is tomorrow. (laughing) I knew that I could get you to do it!" replies Jesta as she hangs up. Toma hangs up as well as he knows this isn't the first time he got dragged into something crazy by her.

The next day at the tournament seemed to be tons of fun to Toma and Jesta who climbed the ranks rapidly. The fun ended when they found out that the sponsor and last competitor was an evil being known as Norto. Norto wanted revenge for his confinement to the Dark Dimension by recruiting the world's most powerful mutants and metahumans from this tournament for his army to conquer this planet. After being tipped off by Shawn Connor, one of the other competitors undercover in the tournament, Toma (Tommy Silver) and Jesta (Amanda Adams) defeated Norto. As Toma and Jesta rode home in Toma's car, Toma was immersed in thought and finally turned to Jesta and said, "We can't beat Norto alone. Yeah, we beat him today. Well what about tomorrow when he gets more mutants and metahumans under his command? No offense, but between the 2 of us, we won't stand a chance, Amanda." "What are you saying, Toma?" What, give up now after we just beat Norto?" asked Jesta. "No, not that. I'm thinking of forming a team of mutants to help protect the Earth from not just Norto, but any force of evil that threatens this planet. After facing Norto, I realize how defenseless this planet is," replies Toma. "But who's gonna join besides us? Not too many mutants are into that save the world thing. Most mutants just want normal lives," asks Jesta. "Didn't those guys we met after the tournament say that they'll be glad to help us with anything? Or how about Jesica or some of our other friends? Amanda, we can't be normal, no matter how hard we try. We were all given powers for a reason and I believe this is it. So are you with me or not?" asked Toma. "Oh, Tommy Silver, you know me better than that. Of course, I'm with you…" replied Jesta.

A year later, Norto returned for revenge against Toma and Jesta. This time they were ready to face this threat as they had formed the Fighting Power team in the past year. The team consists of Toma; the leader with electrical powers; Jesta; Toma's good friend from high school with laser projection powers; Technical (Daniel Ericson); a mechanical expert with a cybernetic arm; and Kimberly (Amy Fields); Jesta's friend who has energy wave projection powers. The FP team won in all of their encounters against Norto and his minions until Jesta was badly injured by Cybersmash (a super-strong android) and the team had to retreat. Norto attacked the team while Jesta was recovering from the last fight, but the team gained 2 new members: Smashhit (Martin Bronx); a boxer with force-energized punches; and Atomica (Jesica Summerheart); Toma's best friend from high school; and won the battle. Desperate for more opposing forces, Norto used the Mayhem Diamond on a descendant of the Bloodbat (a dreadful curse turns all descendants into this half-human and half-bat creature), Tina Rachels, to transform her into this creature. The FP team were patting themselves on the back for the past victories over Norto so the team decided to take a vacation. But to their surprise, Acidica (Elena Anderson), a seductive beauty serving Norto who has acid-like powers, drugged them with knock out gas and took the plane to Norto's castle for another tournament. Smashhit broke the Mayhem Diamond during his battle with Bloodbat in the first round, and she returned to her human self. In the last match, Toma killed Norto with his "Super Shocker" attack.

Two weeks later, the FP team accepted 3 new members: Arsenal (Michael Stone); a flame lance wielder; Deminaca (Jillian Adams); Jesta's sister; and Mysta (Tina Rachels); her new identity. Just like almost in every family, there exists some sibling rivalry between Jesta and Deminaca. When she first arrived and greeted by Toma, Jesta jerked him on his shoulder and whispered, "Why did you ask her to join!? You know that we don't get along!" "Sorry, I forget. But maybe you two can learn to get along on the battlefield watching each other's backs," Toma replied. "Point taken. I'll try to get along," Jesta replied. Jesta and Deminaca shook hands to a truce. The new recruits arrived just in time to face a new threat: Norto's sister, Nortana, who decided to finish what Norto started and summoned a legendary goddess of evil. For the goddess can regain her physical form, she needs to consume the energy of strong mutants. Nortana knew that it would be hard to steal Toma's energy so she allowed the goddess to possess Jesta and regain her physical form as "Devilinya". Devilinya showed her gratitude by absorbing Nortana's energy and killed her. Thirsty for more power, Devilinya found the Ultra Gauntlet, which multiplies the true nature of the holders' power, and kidnapped Jesta for the instructions for activating it since she was raised by a sorceress. Knowing that they would need more force to take on Devilinya with, Toma recruited Peace (Alicia Diamond); a demi-goddess, and Carlo (Marco Banderas); who has hard-hitting impact attacks. The FP team stormed Devilinya castle (which was formerly Norto's) and defeated her minions (leftovers from Norto's and Nortana's forces). Devilinya let Jesta go willingly as she figured out how to attain her "devil form" with the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet gave her a devilish appearance with horns and batwings. Devilinya then flies away saying that she will complete the Gauntlet's power with gems called "Ultra Gems".

In this race for the Ultra Gems, Devilinya started with a firm head start, as the Ultra Gauntlet already had 1 out of the 3 gems inside it. She also knew that Jesta and Deminaca wore the last 2 gem around their necks in 2 necklaces they wear close to their hearts. The FP team knew this as well so they stayed on full alert and kept FP HQ guarded at all the entrances. Ultra, Toma's evil brother, led Devilinya's forces into FP HQ. While Toma and the other FP members struggle against Ultra and Devilinya's other minions, Devilinya steals the 2 gems from Jesta and Deminaca and casts a spell on them to make them her servants. Atomica and Technical fight against Jesta and Deminaca to try to break them out of the spell. During one of Devilinya's attacks in Mecha City, Alisa (Sarah Angela Andrews), a former fashion designer, fell in love with Toma as he protected her from Ultra's assault. Alisa joined the team as she thought her ability to throw energy spear projectiles would be useful against Devilinya. Devilinya grew tired of all of the battles, so she challenged the FP team to one last battle – on a boat full of explosives! During the battle, Devilinya killed Peace and Arsenal. A stray blast ignited the boat and both opposing forces fled for safety. The remaining FP team members got out fine, but Devlinya was not so lucky. She got caught in the explosion. It wasn't clear to the FP team or Devilinya's minions that Devilinya was dead or alive…